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Monday, June 04, 2007

Informed Consent: The Latest Weapon Of Choice In The Abortion Battle

The pro-lifers are up to their old tricks again on the abortion issue. This time, they're trying to force women to undergo mandatory counseling, followed by what they call a seven day "cooling off period."

These people talk about informed consent, and how mandatory counseling would allow those who seek abortions to be informed before they consent to an abortion. Let me tell you what INFORMED CONSENT IS NOT. INFORMED CONSENT IS NOT:

* being forced to undergo mandatory counseling

* being told that you're uninformed when you're really not

* being called a murderer for making a very PRIVATE decision

* being harassed by ignorant, hateful, disrespectful individuals

I have questions about this mandatory counseling. Who is going to administer the counseling? The Catholic Church? Surely they jest if they honestly think the Catholic Church should be allowed to counsel those who seek abortions. If the Catholic Church is allowed to administer the counseling, these women will not be informed. They will be given only one side of the abortion argument, the Catholic side. They will be forced to hear about how they're immoral, would-be sinners. They will be forced to listen to religious nonsense instead of getting the facts.

These are the same people who have taken a vow to never have sex. Yet these are the same people who have raped young boys and girls, and even adults. They're moved around to different parishes in order to hide their crimes, and they do it again. The Vatican offers them protection. To even suggest that the Catholic Church administer the counseling is an abomination!!

How long will this mandatory counseling be required? Long enough so that a woman will no longer be able to obtain an abortion? I can honestly see that happening. I can honestly see them requiring women to undergo counseling long enough so that a woman is too far along in her pregnancy to obtain a legal abortion. That's the whole objective of the pro-life agenda isn't it? Prevent a woman from having an abortion by any means necessary?

If a woman is brutally raped and seeks an abortion, are they honestly going to force her to undergo mandatory counseling? Are they going to force her to sit there and hear about how the fetus is a gift from God? Are they going to force her to sit there and hear about how even though her rape was a horrific violation of her body, she would be a murderer if she didn't carry her rapist's fetus to term? Are they going to force her to sit there and hear that there was a purpose for her brutal, horrific rape?

How dare these people do this!! How dare they try to force counseling upon women who have made their choice. Who the hell is anyone to say that a woman who has made the decision to undergo an abortion is uninformed? Uninformed is the pro-life movement. They only see a fetus. They can't see beyond the fetus to the woman who is carrying that fetus, sometimes against her will. They label her a murderer, and harass her whenever they can. They use their children to forward their agenda. It's sad, sick, immoral, and should be ILLEGAL!!

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