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Thursday, June 07, 2007

How Poetic!!

A "deranged" man attempted to hop onto the vehicle of a DERANGED man. How poetic!!

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - A 27-year-old German man described by the Vatican as "clearly deranged" leaped over a barricade on Wednesday and tried to jump on to Pope Benedict's open-topped jeep.

Yes, he must have clearly been deranged. After all, who would want to mix it up with the Pope? You'd have to be deranged!!
The man took the German Pope's bodyguards by surprise in St Peter's Square, coming within a meter of the pontiff in an episode that brought back memories of the assassination attempt against his predecessor Pope John Paul in 1981.

Television pictures showed the man, wearing a baseball cap, jump out of the crowd and over a wooden barricade as the Pope passed by to start his weekly audience for some 40,000 people.

Hurtling from the Pope's right, he tried to jump on the back of the moving "popemobile" but managed only to touch it before being wrestled to the ground by Vatican security guards.

"He was clearly deranged but did not want to kill or harm the Pope, he only wanted to draw attention to himself," the spokesman said.

After questioning by a Vatican judge the man, who was unarmed, was taken to a psychiatric institution in Italy for testing. His identity was not disclosed.

The man did not appear to be holding anything in his hands nor carrying any bag. Tourists and pilgrims entering St Peter's Square go through airport-style metal detectors and have their bags checked by Italian police.

The Pope, who was elected in 2005, was standing on the open jeep facing forward and looking at the crowd to his left and did not see the man trying to get on the vehicle.

The driver did not appear to know what was happening behind him since the speed of the vehicle did not increase.

The episode lasted about 15 seconds. John Paul was shot and nearly killed in the same square by Turkish gunman Mehmet Ali Agca on May 13, 1981.

How exactly is he deranged if he had no intention of harming or killing the Pope? How do we know that he didn't just want to be "healed" by the Pope? We don't!! How do we know that he didn't just want to shake hands with the Pope? We don't!! But he has to be deranged because the Vatican said so!!

Yeah, okay!! Like I said, he had to be deranged if he wanted to mix it up with the Pope who is a deranged man himself. Oh, the humor of it all!!

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