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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Runaway Brat!!

This story just pisses me off to no end. He is no better than the infamous "Runaway Bride."

McGRADY, N.C. (March 21) - The lost Boy Scout who survived on creek water for four days in the North Carolina mountains had told a friend before wandering off -- apparently to try to hitchhike home -- that he didn't want to camp out anymore, a fellow Scout said Wednesday.

Has this brat ever heard of a damn PHONE? I'm sure that one of the Scout leaders had a cellphone. Did he ever stop to think that if he was that homesick he could call someone at home to come get him, or he could ask one of the Scout leaders to take him home? HELL NO!! This brat decided that he was going to hitchhike home. That's so beyond stupid, it's pathetic not to mention dangerous.

"We're going to have our lectures about hitchhiking again," the father said. "We've had them in the past, but with a special vigor, we'll go over that again with Michael."

This comment leads me to believe that he's done something similar in the past, only he's never gone missing.

"To have our son back is a tremendous blessing," Auberry said Tuesday afternoon. He also offered a plea from Michael about making up his sixth-grade schoolwork.

"He's worried about make-up work in Miss Self's class," Auberry said. "So if Miss Self could cut him a break, he would be very, very grateful."

Is he serious? This little shit pulled a stunt like this, and now he has the balls to beg his teacher to cut him a break? Bullshit!! Not only should he not be cut a break on his schoolwork that he missed because of this stunt, but he should get more than a little "talking to." He deserves to be punished, as in grounded for a very long time. He also should be ordered to have to repay the costs of the search. His own stupidity got him into this situation in the first place. The taxpayers of North Carolina shouldn't have to foot the bill, especially those living in that area. This brat should have to get a job, even if it's mowing lawns or delivering newspapers. He doesn't deserve sympathy, and I can't believe that anyone actually feels sorry for this kid who decided to leave the campsite in the first place. You don't go walking off, and not expect to face any consequences.


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