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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Comic Books, Really?

When I first came across this story, I had to laugh. But it's really not funny.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Public health advocates are turning to a new medium to combat statutory rape among Hispanics in Virginia: A comic book warning that sex between teenage girls and older men risks pregnancy or arrest.

I have to seriously ask, a comic book? Why? Are we supposed to believe that Hispanic people are stupid? Or do people want to make Hispanic people look and feel stupid?

The effort grew out of a 2004 rape-prevention campaign that emblazoned the question ``Isn't she a little young?'' on everything from billboards to napkins.

To adapt that message for Hispanics, officials created a fotonovela, a type of Latino comic book featuring themes of love and betrayal.

``Getting males to challenge their peers about having sex with teens is hard in any culture,'' said Robert Franklin, an outreach coordinator with the state health department. He said a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn't work. ``I can't just translate 'Isn't she a little young?' into Spanish.''

┬┐No es ella una poco joven? He couldn't translate 'Isn't she a little young?' into Spanish? Funny, I just did. So, if you take his words and apply them literally, apparently he wants to make Hispanic people look and feel stupid.

There's some people that might not realize that this is even against the law,'' said Paz Ochs, who helped create the booklet and serves as a liaison between city officials and the Hispanic community in Richmond.

Uh, here's a concept!! Tell them!! You don't need a comic book to explain to people that having sex with people who are underage is not only wrong, it's against the law. I realize that in some cultures or religions, people don't see it as wrong. Try talking to people instead of treating them like they're complete idiots. If they don't listen to you, then they will have to suffer the consequences. To use a comic book to get that message across is just ridiculous to me. They're not stupid, and to treat them like that is beyond offensive.


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