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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Utah Bigots At It Again!!

It doesn't come as any surprise to me that Utah lawmakers have lost their minds. In fact, one of them in particular is completely asinine. But hey, this is America so why should I expect anything different?

The original goal was to rid Utah's high schools of gay-straight alliances, but federal law and court rulings stood in the way.

So this year, Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, and Rep. Aaron Tilton, R-Springville, took a different tack.

Their bill would require parental consent to join any club and would allow school administrators to reject groups they find objectionable.

That may not rid the state of all gay-straight alliances (GSAs), but they hope more conservative school districts could block the clubs.

Ooh, God forbid that some straight kids defend some gay kids or vice versa. Is it really that wrong? Wait, I forgot!! It's not okay in America to be gay. After all, it's a sin for which you will end up in hell for eternity once you die. Isn't that what the good old Bible teaches us?

School administrators can reject groups that they find objectionable? I'd like to see what the criteria is to be labeled "objectionable." Wait, again I'm mistaken. No other clubs are going to be labeled OBJECTIONABLE. No other clubs are going to be rejected. Only the gay/straight alliance clubs will be labeled OBJECTIONABLE and will be rejected. Silly me, I must be stupid to think that every club would be on an equal playing field. How could I have been so stupid?

Buttars doesn't believe GSAs are entirely a support group.

He considers them conditioning clubs that teach other students that being gay is socially acceptable, and he is sure conversations stray from such things as school bullies to more inappropriate topics.

Here we go again!! The gay/straight alliance club can't be talking about bullying or threats against gay students. They have to be talking about "inappropriate" things. The gay students have to be recruiting the straight students. Don't you know? That's what gay people do. They go out and try to recruit as many people as they can to join their "team." Heck, I bet the club even has fundraisers in order to get money so that they can continue their recruiting efforts. After all, the "gays" won't stop until they've converted every last heterosexual into a homosexual.

God these people are so damn insane. Yeah, I bet all of the jocks sit around and discuss homework and God while they're practicing their sport of choice. I bet they're all well-mannered teenagers. If you believe that, I have a high school gym to sell you. Their conversations probably go a little something like this:

Student A: "Hey, did you see that cheerleader's ass today at the pep rally?"
Student B: "Yeah, she has some nice junk in her trunk."
Student A: "And her boobs, man those were nice. I want a piece of that action."
Student B: "Hey man, I saw her first."
Student A: "We can both have a piece of the action."

But remember people, it's the "gays" that talk inappropriately all the time. The "straights" can do nothing wrong!! They're nice, respectful, decent teenagers. Bullshit!! The first thing a straight kid wants to do when he sees some "hot" chick is to get in her pants. You don't see a gay kid saying, "He's hot!! I think I'll do him the first chance I get."

I'm sure Buttars will give the classic bigot's line, "I'm not a bigot. I have gay friends." Translation: I hate gay people. I wish they'd all die. I don't really have any gay friends. I just say I do so that I don't look and sound like the damn bigot that I truly am.


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