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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Women Are Liars, According To State Senator

Courtesy of the Denver Post, the following excerpt speaks volumes.

In the category of "What was he thinking," state Sen. David Schultheis takes the prize. The lawmaker from Colorado Springs stunned a roomful of people in a Senate Health and Human Services Committee hearing recently when he asked the sponsor of a bill requiring hospitals to give information on emergency contraception to rape victims how doctors "determine that a person actually did incur that sexual assault. Are they going to take the word of that individual?" asked Schultheis. "You could see individuals coming in that just wanted to make sure that last night's stand didn't result in a pregnancy and basically say that they had been a sexual assault" to get the contraceptive.

The sponsor, Sen. Betty Boyd, told Schultheis to "have more confidence in the integrity of a woman that she's going to be truthful." A shocked Sen. Brandon Shaffer, D- Longmont, scolded Schultheis, saying, "I think the suggestion that a person is going to feign being raped in order to get emergency contraception is mildly insulting ... more than mildly."

The head of the Colorado Coalition against Sexual Assault told Schultheis that "less than 2 percent of reported rapes are false." Tamika Payne described in graphic terms the invasive examination that rape victims must undergo, involving high-resolution cameras. Asked later what he was thinking, Schultheis said he couldn't remember the context. "I'm in a hurry. I have another meeting," he said, racing off.

What Sen. David Schultheis is essentially saying is, women are liars. Women will lie about being raped in order to get emergency contraception. Women will lie about the most horrific violent crime that can ever be perpetrated against someone, just to get emergency contraception. Women will lie, just so that they can "abort" THEIR fetus.

Sen. Brandon Shaffer finds the comment "mildly insulting"? Mildly insulting? Calling someone ugly is mildly insulting. Declaring women to be liars about being raped in order to get contraception (emergency at that) isn't mildly insulting. It's so downright disgusting!! It's so typical of pro-life, Christian, conservative, right-wing, Bible-thumping scumbags.

As someone pointed out on another site that was discussing this, if a man is raped would David Schultheis allow him to undergo HIV testing and drug cocktails? Or is it just women that David Schultheis has a problem with? After all, women will say or do anything to get an abortion or contraception right? Wrong!!

This is yet another example of the pro-life, Christian, conservative, right-wing, Bible-thumping scumbags attempts to control women. This is yet another attempt to treat women like second-class citizens. This is yet another attempt for men to make reproductive decisions for women. And all of this is being done in the name of saving the FETUSES OF THE WORLD!!


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