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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Dixie Chicks "Controversy"

While watching the Grammy Awards last night, I knew people would be bitching today. After all, those "unpatriotic, terrorist-loving, treasonous, anti-American, Bush-hating bitches" won all five awards that they were nominated for. Oh, the horror!!

People never really cease to amaze me with their utter contempt for three women who simply exercised their free speech rights. They said that they were ashamed to be from the same state as George Bush. Big deal!! Get over it already!! But these morons and lunatics refuse to. As everyone knows, at least one person went so far as to threaten to kill these women. And for what? Because they dared to speak? We've made a major deal out of what they said. But I have yet to hear anything even remotely close being said about the threat upon their lives. Apparently that doesn't matter in this country. You can't speak because your life will be threatened. Yeah, America's great!!

As I sat and watched the Grammy Awards last night, I really wanted the Dixie Chicks to win. I found myself rooting for them as each category they were nominated in was being announced. I was ecstatic that they won all five awards for which they were nominated. Today, I'm even more ecstatic that they won all five awards because it seems to have gotten the panties of some people in a major bunch.

Erica Hill, who works on CNN's Headline News certainly seemed like something of hers was a little twisted. She started off the story with the comment about the Dixie Chicks being country music rejects. Then she asked something to the effect of "Were their wins legitimate, or were the Bush haters sending a message?". Seriously honey, "Bush haters"? Do I detect a conspiracy theory being thrown about? Yep, the "Bush haters" were out in full force. They wanted to send all the Bush lovers a message by awarding the Dixie Chicks with five awards last night. After all, everything that anyone says or does in this world has to revolve around George Bush. Earth to Ms. Hill, earth to Ms. Hill!! Not everything is about George Bush!! Get a grip!!

People are completely asinine and insane today. Over on one blog, someone actually demanded an investigation into the legitimacy of the wins last night. An investigation? Are you insane? Seriously, we have better things to do in this country than to be concerned about whether or not the awards were legitimately awarded to the Dixie Chicks last night. Here's some advice to all the whining, crying bitches out there, get a fucking life!!

They deserved to win last night. I really do hope that their wins sent a message to people out there. For the last three years, people have made their lives a living hell. Yeah, I'm sure some moron out there will argue that "they made their own hell when they opened their mouths." Don't bother because that's not what I'm talking about. Their lives were threatened. That's not okay. It can't be justified by saying that they opened their mouths therefore they're fair game. They're lives aren't fair game. You don't have a right to threaten to kill someone simply because you don't agree with what they have to say. If their wins sent a big F U to country music fans, Nashville, or the rest of the world who had a hand in making their lives a living hell for over three years, good!!

That F U has been long overdue!!


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