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Thursday, January 18, 2007

China Shoots Down Their Own OLD Satellite!! U.S. Bitches As Usual!!

Last week, China shot down their own OLD satellite. The United States bitched as usual!!

I like this part of the story the best.

Under a space policy authorized by President Bush in August, the United States asserts a right to "freedom of action in space" and says it will "deter others from either impeding those rights or developing capabilities intended to do so."

The policy includes the right to "deny, if necessary, adversaries the use of space capabilities hostile to U.S. national interests."

Not only does the King think he can run the entire world. He also thinks that the United States owns space!! Too hilarious!! This moron basically declared that the United States owns space, and can deny anyone access to it. Wow!!

To the United States I say, quit your bitching!! China can shoot down anything that they want to as long as it belongs to them. The United States doesn't have a right to tell them otherwise. You want to lodge a complaint? Go ahead!! It's not going to stop China from doing anything. They can do whatever they want!!

I also love the "what-if" theories running around. Talk about paranoid!!

"If we, for instance, got into a conflict over Taiwan, one of the first things they'd probably do would be to shoot down all of our lower Earth-orbit spy satellites, putting out our eyes," said John Pike of globalsecurity.org, a Web site that compiles information on worldwide security issues.

"The thing that is surprising and disturbing is that [the Chinese] have chosen this moment to demonstrate a military capability that can only be aimed at the United States," he said.

For instance? Does Mr. Pike know something that nobody else does? Are we itching to go to war with China and use Taiwan as an excuse? Sounds about right, using Bush logic!! Oh no!! The first thing they'd probably do is shoot down all of our spy satellites. Oh, that would be such a shame!! I mean, after all, we wouldn't be able to spy on other countries. Oh, that would be just tragic!!

The Chinese shot down their own damn weather satellite that happened to be really old. Stop losing control of your bowel movements, and snap back into reality. Not everything another country does is an attempt to intimidate the United States. Not everything another country does is an attempt to provoke the United States into a conflict. They shot down their OWN FUCKING SATELLITE. GET OVER IT!!


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