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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Oh, Smell The Hypocrisy!!

I must say that I'm having a hard time finding sympathy for this girl. I'm having a hard time, not because she's Catholic. But to find sympathy for this situation is saying it's okay to have a double standard.

When some schools in the UK were demanding that Muslim girls remove or not wear their hijabs (head scarves) in school, they were pretty much told by the rest of the world to shut up and comply. After all, it was labeled a "safety" and "social" issue. Now this girl has been told to remove her crucifix, and the shit has hit the fan.

I can't find sympathy for her situation. I just can't because I think that people have a double standard. Her mother said, "I was brought up to be proud of my religion and we believe it is Sam's right to be proud of what she believes in and wear a symbol of her faith. It's a total disgrace."

Where is the outrage when Muslim girls are told to remove their hijabs? Nowhere!! Aren't they allowed to be proud of their religion, and should be allowed to wear what they believe to be something that reflects their faith? Or is that right only afforded to Christians? Where's the outrage when pretty much every country in Europe wants to ban the wearing of the hijab? Nowhere to be found!! But, we're supposed to be outraged and pissed off because a Catholic girl is ordered to remove her crucifix in school?

I don't think so!! I can smell the hypocrisy, and it stinks!!


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