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Friday, January 12, 2007

Only In America!!

Only in America!! Just when you thought that Americans couldn't get more idiotic and reckless than they already are, they go and issue death threats to pizza employees.

So what sparked this latest act of violent stupidity? A pizza chain that operates in Texas and has establishments in four other states has decided to accept Mexican pesos as a form of payment. Oh the horror!! Imagine that, accepting pesos!!

Now when the people are found who issued the death threats, are they going to be charged as a terrorist? After all, threatening the life of someone can be considered terrorism. Are they going to be removed from their homes, sent off to places unknown, and never heard from again? If not, why not? That's what we do to terrorists in this country. Since I still believe in being civilized, I want to see these death threat issuers locked up and the key thrown away for a very long time. Perhaps that will deter others from being as idiotic as these people have been. But since this isn't a civilized country anymore, who knows what will happen to these people. Probably nothing because they're being "patriotic." I'm sure George Bush will weigh in on the issue. Perhaps it will go a little something like this.

"Pesos? Who the fuck has pesos? Did I give them permission to have pesos? Pesos? This is the United States of Ammerika (that's America for everyone else), not the United States of Mexico. You don't use pesos in Ammerika. You use credit, he...he...he...*smirk*" "Dick, Unka Dick...Who the fuck told these people that they could use pesos? Where's my peanut butter and jelly sanwich (that's sandwich for everyone else)?"


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