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Friday, January 12, 2007

I Smell Another Plea Agreement For A Killer & Rapist

I smell another plea agreement for a killer and a rapist.

An Army private charged with the slaughter of an Iraqi family was diagnosed as a homicidal threat by a military mental health team three months before the attack.

Can you say, mental defect? I know you can!! I'll bet you anything that this son of a bitch is going to declare that he was mentally insane at the time, and that he couldn't have known that what he did at the time was wrong. Wanna place a bet on what he pleads?

I'll also guess that they'll accept his mentally insane plea, sentence him to some bullshit 9 month sentence or so, and order him to seek counseling. Meanwhile, a 14 year old girl has been raped, murdered, set on fire, her family has been killed, and their house was burned down to cover up the crimes by these military assholes.

Justice for the victims? Hardly!! But hey, war is hell right? Things like this happen in war right? We need to cut the military some slack right? Wrong!! But why should we give a damn about what the military does to innocent people in our name? After all, they're fighting for our freedom right? Bullshit!!


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