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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Laura Bush Is A Moron!!

Laura Bush is a moron. Yeah, that's right!! I called the woman a moron. Why is she a moron? I'll tell you why.

At a time when this country is going to hell rather quickly and people all around the world are dying because of the United States, this woman has the nerve to come out and talk about a god damn building restoration project.

Nobody in this country or around the world gives a damn about a building being restored. We care or should care about people dying in an illegal war. We care or should care about more people being sent to die in this illegal war. We care or should care about our rights being taken away from us. We care or should care about people being detained for absolutely no reason other than the fact that they disagree with this illegal administration. We care or should care about the fact that Laura's husband has broken the law more times than anyone can even count, and should have his ass impeached.

But hey, who am I to bitch? After all, it's a great day for Americans and future generations of Americans because a FUCKING BUILDING has been restored. WHO GIVES A DAMN!!


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