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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ad inferno con voi!! Al infierno con usted!! À l'enfer avec vous!! Zur Hölle mit Ihnen!! К аду с вами!!

Ad inferno con voi!! Al infierno con usted!! À l'enfer avec vous!! Zur Hölle mit Ihnen!! К аду с вами!! Regardless of what language you say it in, it all means the same thing. I just said to hell with you!! So what has me all fired up? Ever since I turned on the tv on Friday afternoon and saw the news out of Missouri, I've been pissed off. What I don't understand is why others aren't pissed off as well.

In case you have absolutely no clue what I'm talking about, I'll fill you in. On Friday, William Benjamin Ownby and Shawn Hornbeck who are from Missouri and had both been kidnapped were found alive in Missouri. William had been missing for 4 days. Shawn had been missing for over 4 years. The media coverage of the story is absolutely insane, and bordering on completely asinine in some respects. That's where I get pissed off.

Although any kidnapping is absolutely horrible and I feel for all involved, William Ownby was missing for only 4 days. Shawn Hornbeck was missing for over 4 years. Yet Ownby's kidnapping and rescue has been played up to the hilt. It's like the media is glorifying this kid, and acting like he is the coolest thing since string cheese was invented. On the other hand, Hornbeck's kidnapping and rescue was taking pretty much a backseat to Ownby. Over the last couple of days, the media has treated this child like he's the scum of the Earth. With all due respect to William, he was only missing for 4 days. That's four days of his life that he can never get back, four days too many I might add. But Shawn has over four years of his life that was stolen from him and he can never get that back. He had the rest of his childhood literally stolen from him, and he can't reclaim it. He can't go back and do it all over again. With all due respect to William, he is going to have a far easier time returning to his normal life. Shawn, on the other hand, is going to have a harder time returning to any kind of normal life if he can ever do that.

Not surprisingly, the media continues to treat Shawn as though he's to blame for his kidnapping. They ask the same question over and over again to anyone who is willing to listen, why didn't he try to escape? Then they bring on some "experts" who claim to know exactly why he didn't try to escape. The media and "experts" need to shut their mouths. They know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! They don't know that Shawn didn't attempt to escape. They don't know what was going through this child's mind for over 4 years. They don't know what he was being told by his kidnapper. They know absolutely nothing, and to profess otherwise is completely asinine and totally unprofessional.

To make matters worse, the media has seen fit to bring the 15 minutes of fame seekers out of the woodwork. On one network, they brought out the landlord who says he never spoke with the boy or anything. Yet he professed to know for a fact that some people told Shawn that he looked just like "that Hornbeck boy," and Shawn just laughed it off with a "Whatever!!" Then on another network they brought out some of Shawn's "friends" over the past 4+ years. They claimed that they would constantly be seeing stories on tv about Shawn being missing, and he would never have a reaction to seeing himself on tv.

The point of my rant, and a well-deserved one at that, is simple!! The media needs to leave Shawn Hornbeck and his family alone. He and his family have been through hell for over 4 years. They don't need media scrutiny adding to that hell. They need to stop trying to uncover why he didn't try to flee, if that's even true. That's Shawn's and the Hornbeck family's business. It's not the business of the entire world. If they decide to share his story, that's their business. The media needs to stop trying to force it out of him for their sick sense of enjoyment so that they'll have something to talk about.

To the media and all the 15 minutes of fame seekers out there I say to you: Ad inferno con voi!! Al infierno con usted!! À l'enfer avec vous!! Zur Hölle mit Ihnen!! К аду с вами!! To hell with you!! This boy and his family have been through enough, and they certainly don't need any of you adding to their stress!!


  • At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Jody said…

    Completely agree with what you've said. The family seem like a nice one, and it should be great news that their son is back, not something made more sinister than it already is by sly insinuations and subtle allegations.


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