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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

South Africa OK's Gay Marriage

Oh the horror!! Quick, grab your husbands. Grab your wives. Grab your children. Grab everyone you can. Gay marriage has been approved in South Africa. That must mean that the end of the world is coming soon. After all, opponents of the bill said that by doing this, they're "provoking God's anger."

I find the reactions to this absolutely asinine and disgusting.

A Christian lawmaker, Kenneth Meshoe, said Tuesday was the "saddest day in our 12 years of democracy" and warned that South Africa "was provoking God's anger."

One church leader in Nigeria, Apostle Abraham Umoh of the Mount of Victory Mission, denounced the vote as "satanic," while Bishop Joseph Ojo of Calvary Kingdom Church in Lagos said it was recognition of "animal rights" rather than human rights.

We wonder why gay people are attacked, or even worse, killed. This is exactly why. People are intolerant of others. They see gay people as nothing more than "animals" instead of seeing them as the human beings that they are. They call it satanic. They say that by giving gay people equal rights, it's somehow provoking God and making him angry. They can't move beyond their bigoted, vile, disgusting attitudes. These bigots make me absolutely sick and disgusted that they are considered human because they're not. They act like they speak for God, but they have absolutely no clue what God would think or say. They have no clue because they're not God, and they've never met God to know what God would think or say. Oh but don't forget, these are the God-fearing Christians that spew this shit, and it's not just in Africa. It's everywhere in the world!!

Bravo to South Africa!! You have a long way to go to give gay people equal rights and protection, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.


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