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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Brazil Won't Hand Over Pilot Passports

Brazil won't hand over the passports of two Americans being investigated in the fatal crash of a Brazilian airliner on September 29, 2006.

I don't blame Brazil for making this decision either. The two pilots are being investigated in the fatal crash of an airliner. Why should they be allowed to get their passports back while the investigation is still ongoing? Why should they be allowed to leave the country in which the potential crime took place? It most certainly wouldn't happen in the United States. If someone was being investigated, they would be forced to surrender their passports so they wouldn't flee the country to avoid prosecution. This situation shouldn't be any different.

One of the lawyers for the two pilots said, "The decision is wrong." "Of all those involved in the accident they are the only ones being denied the right to come and go." Well duh!! They were flying the private jet that prosecutors say collided with the Brazilian airliner that crashed. Even though there were five other people onboard the private jet, these were the two people that were responsible for flying the jet. That's why they're being held and the others aren't. Everyone on the airliner is dead so nothing can be done to them.

I say quit your bitching and let the investigation continue. If the two pilots did absolutely nothing wrong and want to prove it, they should stay in Brazil until the investigation is completed. If they're charged with manslaughter, they will most definitely have to stay in the country. But what's their hurry to leave the country? What do they have to hide? Sounds to me like two people trying to flee Brazil so that they don't have to face the consequences of their actions. I, for one, believe that they did collide with the airliner and should be held responsible for the deaths of 154 people that were aboard that airliner.

Bravo to Brazil for standing your ground!!


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