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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Religious People and Their Morals

The things some religious people say would make me laugh if it wasn't so vile and disgusting.

I always like to find out what people think about certain issues. The "hot" topic at the moment is embryonic stem cell research. According to "religious" people, they wouldn't care if embryonic stem cells could cure every disease that exists. They don't care if that means that millions of people won't have to suffer from horrible diseases or if it means that these people can live long lives. To them, it means that an embryo is destroyed. That's what disgusts me most of all. I defy these religious whacks to take an embryo and let it live outside of a uterus. Let's see how long that embryo survives. The point is, it won't!! And the joke of it all is that they honestly think that an unused embryo should be adopted out instead of using it for medical research. I can see it now. Adopt An Embryo Day at your local church. Baked goods for sale too!! What a joke.

I'm putting out this challenge. I want to know what they would say to a child of theirs who has cancer or some other horrible disease. I want to know what they would tell their child if embryonic stem cells was the only treatment that could be used to cure their child. Would they let their child die simply so that they don't look like an immoral hypocrite when they die and have to face their "GOD?" Would they honestly let their child die simply because their religion says that it's immoral? I know that there are people out there who would do exactly that. I want to know how you would live with yourself knowing that you would let your child die simply so you can be morally superior.


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