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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

U.S. Money Given To Cuban Democracy Groups Spent On Luxury Items

Boy did I have a laugh when I read this story. The United States gave 36 Cuban Democracy groups millions of dollars to support democracy back in Cuba. However, that's not how the money was spent.

The Miami-based Acción Democrática Cubana spent money on a chainsaw, Nintendo Game Boys and Sony PlayStations, mountain bikes, leather coats and Godiva chocolates, which the group says were all sent to Cuba.

Frank Hernandez Trujillo, executive director of Grupo De Apoyo a la Democracia (Group for the Support of Democracy), said his organisation received more than $7m from USAID, a programme that has formed a central piece of President George Bush’s policy on Cuba.

“I’ll defend that until I die,” Mr Hernandez Trujillo said of his decision to spend part of his group’s allocation on boxes of computer games. “That’s part of our job, to show the people in Cuba what they could attain if they were not under that system."

I think it's absolutely hilarious what they spent this money on. Kudos to the people for turning the tables on the U.S.. The fact that they would rather spend the money on luxury items instead of using it to attempt to overthrow the "dictator" Castro speaks volumes. Oh, I'm going to be laughing all day long. This is hilarious!!


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