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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Catholic Diocese Erects Anti-Birth Control Billboards

In response to billboards erected by Planned Parenthood, a Catholic Diocese has erected Anti-Birth Control Billboards as their response to Planned Parenthood.

The signs say "Birth Control is Harmful." Oh gosh no!! If that were the case, I'd be dead by now or pretty damn near close to it. I better stop taking my birth control because the Catholic Church says it's harmful. What a crock!! First of all, what the hell does the Catholic Church know about birth control? They're constantly spouting off about how birth control is evil, and Catholics shouldn't use it. They're constantly talking about how birth control prevents "God's purpose for women in life," and how Catholics shouldn't use it. Priests and nuns aren't supposed to be having sex, so why the hell do they know anything about birth control? That should be a foreign concept to them.

Second of all, I've read all about the birth control pills that I'm taking. I've read about all the potential side effects. I know about the supposed risks of taking birth control. It's my business whether or not I choose to use it. It's not the business of the Catholic Church or anyone else for that matter. It's not their place to tell me that using it is harmful to me. It's not their business to tell me that I'm evil if I use it, and that I'm a sinner because I use it. Ooh, strike me dead now oh Lord for I have sinned by using birth control. God forbid that my doctor put me on it for medical reasons. God forbid that because I'm on it, I'm looking out for my own health instead of procreating and adding to the population of the world. God forbid that any woman be allowed to make the decision to use birth control. What are we thinking? We should be pumping out babies every nine months instead of taking care of our own health needs. We should be good little Christians. We shouldn't be using the devil's drug!!

Hear this now!! If you're a woman and are using birth control, you must stop taking it now. You must start pumping out children every nine months. You can't use condoms. You can't use anything. Birth Control and Contraception is harmful and evil. You should listen to the Catholic Church because they know what's best for everyone. You shouldn't think for yourselves because that's what the Church is for. You should just be good little Christians and all will be right with the world. Screw Birth Control!! It's the Devil's Drug!! And if you want to get into heaven, you have to be birth control free!!


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