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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Poll: 64% of Lebanese Have Negative Opinion Of US

A poll taken found that 64% of the Lebanese people have an even worse opinion of the United States after the Israel-Lebanon war this summer.

Can you honestly blame them for having a negative opinion of the United States after the outrageous, ridiculous, and criminal actions that took place this summer? The United States refused to condemn Israel for its crimes. The United States refused to call upon Israel to stop its aggression. The United States continues to defend the criminal and barbaric actions of Israel by using their veto whenever UN members seek to condemn Israel. The United States likes to have it two ways. They are constantly talking about Israel's right to defend itself. However, they turn around and in the same breath they condemn others for doing the exact same thing.

Before some whack job starts accusing me of being anti-Semitic, I'll stop you in your tracks. I have absolutely zero hatred for the Israeli people. I have absolutely zero hatred for Jewish people. I do however have a major problem with the politicians running Israel, and the people running the military. They have absolutely no regard for the lives of innocent people. When they kill a Palestinian or a Lebanese person, they just brush it aside as though nothing happened. They don't take responsibility for their illegal actions, and constantly justify it with the same old song and dance routine. That's not being anti-Semitic. That's being human, and that's what you call having a soul.

The death of anyone in these conflicts is one death too many. However, if I'm going to be asked to pick a side in the Israel-Lebanon war, Israel was way wrong in its actions. There's no justification for what the Israeli government and the Israeli military did. I'm not defending Hezbollah. I'm defending the Lebanese people. There's a difference!! Kudos to the Lebanese people for speaking their minds about the United States. It's about time people stood up and said something. The fact is that the United States government did absolutely nothing to stop the slaughter of Lebanese people. They sat there while Lebanon was being destroyed, and DID NOTHING!!

Can you blame the Lebanese people who managed to survive the atrocities that took place this summer in Lebanon for being angry? I can't, and I won't!!


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