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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jesus Doll Rejected As Gifts For Toys For Tots Program

A Marine Reserves Toys for Tots program has rejected Jesus dolls.

I can see it now!! The religious right is going to start accusing the Marines of being anti-Christian, and anti-religion. They're going to start spewing their vile rhetoric about how Christians are being persecuted, especially at Christmas time. They're going to spew their vile rhetoric about how we are being forced to appease people of other religions or no religion at the expense of Christianity.

I happen to agree with the Marine Reserves. The toys are handed out to needy children who wouldn't otherwise have a happy holiday to celebrate if it weren't for the program. They don't know the child's religious background, so why accept toys of a religious nature? I would be offended if I wasn't Christian and I received a Jesus doll. It's as simple as that. This is not about appeasing people. This is not about promoting one religion over another. This is about being respectful to other people. If they couldn't understand that not everyone is Christian or religious, perhaps they shouldn't have offered the toys in the first place. And they shouldn't bother to start bitching about it either!!


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