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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Michael Richards Part 2

Isn't it ridiculous when people go on racist tirades, and then claim that the weirdest thing about their tirade is that they're not racist? They act like we actually are going to believe that crock of shit story, and then forgive them. Mel Gibson did it after his Jewish hatred tirade. Now Michael Richards is saying the same thing after his tirade against black people.

I saw part of the video footage of the incident involving Michael Richards. I'm sure that the rest of the world saw it as well. If that wasn't racist, what was it? From the little bit that I saw, he screamed the N word at least 8 times. He reminded me of a Klan member screaming at the top of his lungs after spotting a black man in the area. He was so blatantly racist that there is no apology or explanation that he or anyone else can give that will make it OKAY ever in my mind.

As I was watching CNN Headline News last night, they were interviewing three comedians about the incident heard around the world. The biggest crock of shit last night was when one comedian being interviewed actually tried to garner sympathy for Michael Richards. He was talking about how he wasn't defending what Michael Richards said and did blah, blah, blah. But people need to see it from Michael's point of view. He said something about how Michael was living in a post-Seinfeld world. Well boo-hoo for Michael Richards. I feel so sorry for him that he's living in a post-Seinfeld world where he's a rich asshole from that show. Who gives a shit about his sob story? I don't!! Are we supposed to feel sorry for him because he's rich from a show where he played a character that everyone recognizes him as having played? Is that supposed to make it okay for him to do what he did? I don't think so!!

The other two comedians being interviewed didn't take too kindly to what was said. Apparently, one thing we didn't get to hear was when it was supposedly said that if it were a happier time in this country, the two black men would have been lynched for interrupting a white man. Now, I don't know if he said it or not. However, if he did, what does that say about him? It says to me that people who think like him long for the days when black people were nothing more than slaves to white people. It says to me that people who think like him long for the days when black people couldn't go into establishments because they were for whites only. It says to me that people who think like him long for the days when black people were lynched for any reason that a white man came up with or for no reason at all.

To me, he's a coward now. He won't appear in person on any show to apologize for what he said. He claimed on Letterman that he's not a racist and is deeply sorry for saying what he did. But he wouldn't even come on the show in person to say this. Jerry Seinfeld is defending him. But here's the thing. Although Seinfeld might actually believe what he says, this is about nothing more than the almighty dollar in my mind. This is about making sure that Seinfeld fans continue to buy the DVD's. This is about trying to stop a potential boycott of the Seinfeld DVD's and other merchandise. This is about damage control. This is about $$$$$. If it was truly about believing Richards, why hasn't anyone else from the cast come forward to defend him? They haven't because this isn't something you can defend.

Richards may claim that he's not a racist. But I will say exactly what I said about Mel Gibson when he went on his tirade. A person wouldn't say the shit that comes out of their mouths if they didn't believe the shit in the first place. If you truly never thought that way before and would never think that way, you wouldn't say it. It's not something that just gets blurted out in the heat of the moment. It's not something that just gets blurted out when you're drunk. By the way, Richards wasn't drunk so alcohol can't be blamed for this one. It's something that gets blurted out because somewhere inside, that's exactly how the person feels. It's something that gets blurted out because that's exactly what someone thinks.

So he says he's not a racist. Fine!! Maybe in his mind he's not, but I don't believe him. The fact is, at that moment he was a racist and there's nothing that he or anyone else can say or do that will change that fact. There are no amends or apologies big enough for me to say that Michael Richards is a great guy. I may not be black. But you don't have to be black to be offended by what he said. Everyone should be offended and outraged by what he said. Everyone should boycott Richards and anything that he is involved in including television, movies, comedy gigs, etc. Anything less would be saying that we approve of what he said and did. Anything less would be saying that it's okay to act like that. Anything less would be uncivilized!!


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