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Monday, November 20, 2006

Michael Richards (Kramer from Seinfeld) Is An Asshole

Michael Richards is an asshole, and he deserves all the shit he's getting right now.

When your ego gets so big that you think you can refer to anyone you want using the N word, you're an asshole. When someone heckles you because you're not funny, and you refer to the person using the N word, you're an asshole. Michael Richards deserves to be shit upon for his recent comments during a comedy routine.

If he were standing in front of me today, I would ask him a few questions and make a few comments. It would probably go a little something like this, with profanity mixed in. First of all, who the fuck do you think you are to talk that way to other people? Ooh, you're Michael Richards. Who gives a shit who the hell you are. If it weren't for the Seinfeld gig, nobody would even know who the hell you are. Do you think you're a big man because you can throw around the N word? I don't want to hear this crock of shit story about how black people use it all the time and nobody cares but when white people use it then it's as though the end of the world is upon us. Anyone who makes a reference to someone else using that word is ignorant, racist, and an asshole. Do you think it's okay to treat people like trash? Do you think it's okay to be a racist prick? Do you think it's funny? Do you believe that you're superior to black people because you're white? Do you support the racist and violent attitudes of the present and past towards black people simply because they're black?

Okay, maybe it wouldn't sound exactly like that. I would have used more "foul" language because that's exactly what I think of Michael Richards. I don't give a damn who the hell he is. He could be a bum on the street talking like that, or the biggest movie star in the world. When you talk like the piece of shit that he is, you'll get no respect from me. He's a piece of shit because of what he said. And it's not the fact that he said it that bothers me. It's the fact that it's what he thought. If he didn't think that way, he wouldn't have ever said it. I could have thought of plenty of other things to say to someone who was heckling me. But the N word and everything else that came out of his mouth would have never come out of mine.

Now he says he's sorry and has made amends. What amends? Did he fork over some cash or free tickets to his next gig? That's not making amends. That's buying someone off to shut up. I guess when money talks, shit walks. And Michael Richards is the shit. No, that wasn't a compliment either!!


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