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Friday, October 24, 2008

Explaining Ashley Todd

Just a short comment on this whack-a-loon.

Here's what she was "thinking".

One, she was trying to get some kind of attention on herself.


Two, she was attempting to (eye roll) somehow (don't ask me; I'm not the lunatic) get her man, Johnny Mac, back "into the race".

As if McCain had a chance from the beginning of this thing.

Hello, this is Forgone Conclusion knocking. Is anyone home?

So Miss Ashley decided that she'd frame a black man for the love of John McCain.

I do so love how her story changed from the phantom black man pushing her down to him trying to feel her up. Because, as we all know, a black man can't control himself when it comes to sex, right? Did I roll my eyes yet?

Here's what I believe her punishment, when it comes, should be.

Jail time. Not rubber room time. Why? Because she falsified evidence, she knowingly lied to police, etc.

On top of that, I believe that every last black man in America should be able to sue the shit out of her ass, especially those that live in Pittsburgh, especially those that are six foot four inches tall.

Had the police believed her story for one instant, they would have gone out and arrested or at least detained every last black man that they could find, whether he "fit the description" or not.

For that, I believe that every last black man in America is entitled to get something out of this desperately deluded wench.

Finally, this:

If it had not been Ashley Todd, it would have been (and has been) someone else. This is America, after all, where crazy people (read: everyday citizens) do stupid and illegal shit to draw a camera.

I don't need to tell you to mark my words that there will be another one like her and another after that.


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