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Monday, October 20, 2008

A Perfect Example Of The Brainwashing Of America

A while back, I said it was going to be interesting to see how the so-called "anti-war left" would feel about Barack Obama and his policies.

Yesterday, I got another example of not just the brainwashing of America, but just how they'd feel about Obama's policies.

Actually, I got another example of just how "anti-war" this so-called "left" really is when Barack Obama himself talked about how "honored" he was that Colin Powell, one of the liars (some would say the Chief Liar) that placed the US in Iraq to kill, kill, kill, had endorsed him.

The crowd went completely ape shit, loving every word that was coming out of Obama's mouth.

So much for being "anti-war".

I have long subscribed to the theory that, in America, you can simply drop out of sight for a year or two and, when you return, the drooling morons of this country, whether they can be considered informed or not, will love you.

John Fund beat the shit out of one of his girlfriends (either his girlfriend or her mother, who used to be his girlfriend). He never paid the consequences of his actions and disappeared. A year later, he appeared on Hardball as if nothing had ever happened. And that's the way he was treated, too, as if nothing ever happened.

Henry Kissinger is actually revered by a whole spectrum of people: right, left, center, insane.

Celebrities do it all the time. Sometimes, they even get a "reality show" and all is forgiven. Or they completely destroy themselves and go away for a little while, then they become the darling of the country. No offense to any of the following, as I think each of them are talented and I'm glad that they've turned their lives around but look at Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey, Jr. and Christian Slater, to name just a small sampling.

And now it's Colin Powell's turn.

He lied in front of the American people and the world, told us all that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that they could launch them in forty-five minutes or less (or your pizza is free), he held up a fake vial of fake anthrax and said, "Be afraid, be very afraid!" and then said, "If we don't go to war, there's going to be a HUGE mushroom cloud and you're going to be dead and so are your children, unless, of course, Saddam decides just to invade and eat your children, which he WILL do."

And Powell's done much more than that.

He helped to cover up the My Lai massacre. He lied for Reagan and Casper Wineburger. He helped to murder countless Iraqis in the first go-round back in 1990-91. And he told Seymour Hersh, in Hersh's book "Against All Enemies" (Ballantine, 1998), "We are still not sure if there is a Gulf War Syndrome." According to Hersh, Powell said that his responsibilities to his men and women ended in 1993, when he retired from the military. Powell said, "If there are still some veterans who say I should have done more or said more, my answer is, I wasn't in the government."

This is a guy that should be in prison, or under the prison, anywhere in the world for his lies, lies that led to the murders of millions of people in Iraq, including US soldiers.

Yet, Obama is "honored" by his endorsement and Obama's sycophantic followers cheer like they've lost their damn minds because, in fact, they have.

People questioned why I said, long back in January, that Barack Obama was "the biggest threat that we have in this country".

If some magician can make you believe that Colin Powell is worth a shit, if he can wave his magic wand and tell you that he's "honored" and you should be, too, despite what Colin Powell has said and done, if he could make you believe that your eyes and ears have deceived you, that Colin Powell is a decent human being, what would you call that magician, if not the biggest threat that we have in this country?


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