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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Okay. What More Do You Need...

...to understand a number of things?

One, the establishment chose Barack Obama a long day ago to be the new puppetdent.

Two, every administration, on their way out, helps the next administration by either being antagonistic or supportive.

Three, Democrats and Republicans think war is just fine. Killing others, great! Using propaganda to dupe the people? Beautiful! Democrats and Republicans are not anti-war; they are pro-"progress" (read: power, land and money grab).

Here you go, if you don't believe me:

Bush Keeping Iraq Troop Levels Mostly Steady

That's the headline. Read below and between the lines and it's a completely different story.

First, Barack Obama's connection and just one of the reasons why he was chosen a long time ago.

"Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has advocated pulling all U.S. combat forces out of Iraq within 16 months of taking office...

"Both candidates have said more troops are needed in Afghanistan..."

Read between the lines, please, before you go insane and wonder if I'm inventing what I'm seeing and saying.

What's Barack Obama, who believes that the "war" in Afghanistan is the "right war", going to do with "all" those combat forces that he's "taking out" of Iraq anyway?

Read the line below it to figure it out for yourself.

Afghanistan, that's what he's going to do with them.

And he can do it with a prettier smile so you feel like it's the "right" thing.

Next, the help from, in this case, the Bush administration.

Bush is, imagine, being antagonistic to the Democrats' wishes for further massacre in Afghanistan and more of a "drawdown" in Iraq.

But, at the same time, "He announced that a Marine battalion that had been scheduled to go to Iraq in November would go to Afghanistan instead, and that that would be followed by one Army combat brigade".

Sure, it's not even close to what the Democrats are crying about but it's more meat for the grinder known as Afghanistan, isn't it? And that's what the Democrats and Barack Obama want, don't they? How are they different than Bush again?

Finally, the Democrats love war and death and misery just as much as the Republicans do.

And if you don't believe me, just have a look at the big two advisers to Obama: Zbigniew Brzezinski and Madeleine Albright.

Brzezinski doesn't give a shit that we destroyed Afghanistan by luring the Soviet Union into that country and having them go up against our one-time client, Osama bin Laden.

Albright thought that it was wonderful and "necessary" to slaughter and maim 500,000 children in Iraq during the Clinton years.

Good stuff, ain't it?

But look no further, if you wish, than the comments of Harry Reid and Ike Skelton.


"I am stunned that President Bush has decided to bring so few troops home from Iraq and send so few resources to Afghanistan."


"The President's plan to reduce force levels in Iraq may seem to signal movement in the right direction, but it really defers troop reductions until the next administration...More significant troop reductions in Iraq are needed so that we can start to rebuild U.S. military readiness and provide the additional forces needed to finish the fight in Afghanistan."

The "fight" in Afghanistan will never be "finished" because it's not in the interests of the Powers That Be.

And what is so damned important about "U.S. military readiness" anyway? Forgive me if I'm just looking for a little peace here but give me a fucking break. Who is the US supposed to be "militarily ready" for now?

Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting. Russia, China and, of course, the shadows known as Al Qaeda, who, by the way, could strike at any time so don't let your kids go out for Halloween or celebrate Kwanzaa or even draw breath, okay?

If the PTB wanted to say that the sky was yellow and water was black, that would be the line mouthed by John McCain and by Barack Obama and there would be plenty of idiots out there saying, "Yup, yup, Johnny Mac says it's so" or "Uh-huh, Barack told me so."

Afghanistan, Iraq, who the fuck knows where else, those massacres will never end because they're money makers, they're powerful tools to keep the sheep at home in line.

I just don't get it why something so elementary as the power plays in the realm of deep politics are so hard for people to understand.

Open your minds, read between the lines, pay attention.

You'll get it, you'll understand and you'll thank yourself for it.


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