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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ohio Lawmakers Are Sick!!

Lawmakers in Ohio are out of their minds. A bill is being proposed that would require women who are seeking abortions to get PERMISSION from the father of the fetus before they can seek an abortion.

Ohio Bill Would Make Abortion Illegal Without Paternal Consent

A group of Ohio state legislators have submitted a bill that would ban women from obtaining abortions without consent from the man who impregnated her. The proposal comes two weeks after Rep. Tom Brinkman proposed a law that would ban all abortions in Ohio.

In addition to mandating that abortion providers obtain paternal consent before proceeding with an abortion, the proposed bill would also require women to provide a list of previous sexual partners in cases where the fetus' paternity was unknown. Abortion providers would then have to perform paternity tests.

Supporters of the bill tout it as a measure that would give men a say in the abortion decision. If the bill is passed, women in violation of the law will be tried criminally for abortion fraud, a first-degree misdemeanor. Men falsely claiming paternity and medical providers who perform abortions without paternal consent would be similarly charged.

"This extreme bill shows just how far some of our state legislatures are willing to go to rally a far-right base that is frustrated with the pro-choice gains made in the last election," said NARAL Pro-choice Ohio executive director Kellie Copeland. "It is completely out of touch with Ohio's mainstream values. This measure is a clear attack on a woman’s freedom and privacy."

The Record-Courier reports that Brinkman's abortion ban is unlikely to pass, but Adams' has an outside chance at becoming law.

If a woman is RAPED and becomes pregnant, are these people seriously going to force her to beg her rapist to allow her to have an abortion? If a woman or girl is the victim of incest and becomes pregnant, are these people seriously going to force her to beg her rapist to allow her to have an abortion? If a woman is pregnant but could die if she doesn't have an abortion that's needed to save her life, are they seriously going to force her to beg for permission from her husband, boyfriend, or the father of her fetus to save her damn life?

This bill adds insult to injury!! How fucking dare these people force a woman to seek permission from the father to have an abortion. How fucking dare they!! And to make matters worse, they want to seriously charge these women with a crime for not seeking permission to have an abortion!!

Pro-lifers in this country have seriously gone too far!! If you're a pro-lifer out there and you support this bill, you're sick. If you support this bill, you support RAPE and the RAPIST, INCEST and the RAPIST, and allowing a woman to die who could otherwise be saved if she had an abortion that was needed to save her life. Oh, I bet you're so fucking proud!! Pro-lifers make me sick!!

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