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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Challenge!!

I warned all "Anonymous" bloggers that if you were going to be ignorant, your shit wouldn't be posted on my blog. Having said that, I will respond to an "anonymous" comment because it requires a response.

You DARED me to explain what I meant by an American mentality. It's simple really. It's called IGNORANCE!! Whenever someone dares to speak out against something or someone in this country, the response is always the same. It's always, "Well, if you don't like it maybe you should leave this country and go somewhere else." My personal favorite is, "Only in America are you free to speak your mind. You would never get away with it anywhere else, especially not in a Muslim country." If you speak out, you're being "ruthless" towards America. If you speak out, you're being ungrateful. If you speak out, you're a traitor. If you speak out, you're the enemy.

The problem with some people in this country is that they were raised to think that they are superior to others. They're afraid of that which they DO NOT UNDERSTAND, so instead they HATE!! They don't want to learn about other countries, cultures, and religions. They live in this fantasy world where everyone is the same, and being different is wrong.

You are the perfect example of someone with an American mentality. You know absolutely nothing about this Muslim woman, yet you're so filled with hate for her. In one breath you profess to be tolerant of people and their faith. In the next breath, you call her an ungrateful pig and a cancer because she dared to speak out against an ignorant asshole. Your stereotypical remarks about her and her family are pathetic!! You say that you don't hate all Muslims. Yet, you feel the need to trash their religion. Clearly, you know nothing about Islam. You know nothing about Muslims. And, your attitude about Muslims is very bigoted!!

I would comment further, but your ignorance and rhetoric is beyond obnoxious!!

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