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Thursday, August 23, 2007

When Is The United States Ever Going To Accept Responsibility For Iraq?

The latest in the never-ending Iraq saga is the blaming of the UK for the Iraq violence. When is the United States ever going to accept responsibility for Iraq? It's far easier to blame someone else than to accept responsibility for what you've done. The United States will NEVER accept responsibility for what we've done.

Escalation Architect Blames UK For Iraq Violence, Calls For A British Surge

Yesterday, Ret. Gen. Jack Keane, who was vice chief of staff during the 2003 Iraq invasion and remains a key adviser to the Bush administration, went on BBC radio and sharply criticized the UK for planning withdrawal from Iraq. He argued that they should instead add more troops, similar to President Bush’s escalation in Baghdad.

“They have never had enough forces to truly protect the people, a mission similar to what the coalition forces are taking on in Baghdad, but I think there is a general disengagement from what the key issues are around Basra,” said Keane.

Keane’s comments echo those of another U.S. officer close to Gen. David Petraeus, who recently said of the British: “Quite frankly what they’re doing right now is not any value-added. … The situation there gets worse by the day. Americans are disappointed because, in their minds, this thing is still winnable. They don’t intend to cut and run.”

These statements blame the British for not reducing violence in Basra, a task that the United States has also been unable to achieve in the rest of Iraq. Another surge is not the answer. Since Bush announced his escalation plan in January, the situation in Iraq has continued to deteriorate:

– Attacks in June “reached their highest daily average since May 2003, showing a surge in violence as President George W. Bush completed a buildup of U.S. troops.”

– The “number of unidentified bodies in the capital has risen again to pre-surge levels over the last two months,” concluded a report by IraqSlogger.

– Today’s National Intelligence Estimate concludes that “the level of overall violence, including attacks on and casualties among civilians, remains high; Iraq’s sectarian groups remain unreconciled; AQI retains the ability to conduct high-profile attacks; and to date, Iraqi political leaders remain unable to govern effectively.”

It’s not surprising that Keane’s solution is another surge. He was one of the architects of Bush’s escalation plan, pushing to send 40,000 more troops to Iraq. He also blasted the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations for redeployment, giving the report an “F.” “I think it is wholly inadequate,” said Keane of the report. “It’s a cover story to accept defeat.”

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HOST: A senior U.S. military figure is voicing frustration at the way the British army is handling the situation in southern Iraq. Gen. Jack Keane, who is retired, acts as adviser to the American commander in Iraq now, Gen. David Petraeus. Gen. Keane told the Today program that British forces seem to be less engaged.

KEANE: I think there is some frustration with the troops being out at the airport, primarily training the Iraqi 10th division, not as engaged as they had been in the past in what is taking place in central Basra and the surrounding communities.

They have never had enough forces to truly protect the people, a mission similar to what the coalition forces are taking on in Baghdad, but I think there is a general disengagement from what the key issues are around Basra.

HOST: Ret. Gen. Keane also said the situation in southern Iraq is gradually deteriorating and U.S. military commanders might have to intervene if things become worse.

KEANE: From a military perspective, I know what the commanders are trying to avoid, is having to send reinforcements to the south, from forces that are needed in the central part of Iraq, and that situation could arise if the situation gets worse, if and when the British forces leave.

If we want to go ahead and alienate our friends from the UK, go right ahead!! I mean, what's one less friend in the world? After all, George Bush said either you're with us or against us and we can go it alone if we have to. So George, if you're mouthpieces want to alienate the UK and blame them for the violence in Iraq, you will be looking for another partner. Highly unlikely, but a girl can dream can't she?

Allow me to explain how things work so that morons like Mr. Keane can understand. Governments from different countries have the authority to do whatever they want with their own military. If the British government has decided that they're withdrawing from Iraq, they're withdrawing from Iraq. There's not a damn thing Keane, Georgie, or anyone else can do about that, unless Georgie is prepared to go to war with Britain over this. You may be laughing now, but you better believe that he would do it in a heartbeat if he got something out of it. The British government and military doesn't answer to the United States. They don't take orders from the United States. The United States needs to remember that!!

By the way, the majority of the violence in Iraq appears to be taking place in areas that are "controlled" by the United States. How does Keane explain that? Well of course, it's Britain's fault!!

If Keane thinks he can do a better job, perhaps he would like to volunteer his ass to go over there and participate on the front lines of this civil war. If not, he needs to shut the hell up!!

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  • At 10:52 AM, Blogger FunkyTown Fighter said…

    Right on!!! I say send him, Shrub, and the rest of the war mongering Bastards!!! They need to get it through their thick ass skulls that the United States does not nor will it ever "rule the world"!!! Another surge is not the answer, however I can almost guarantee you if they had a Troop withdrawal you would see the violence begin to drop as well. They want us out period and the more Troops we send in, the more violent they get!!! It's not hard to see the damn pattern!!! It's only hard if your a Warmongering, Shrub loving,Repug,.......I guess!


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