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Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Blowhan" Lohan Cops A Plea!!

That's right!! "Blowhan" Lohan copped a plea today. And guess what boys and girls? She gets ONE day in jail. Yes, that's right!! ONE!! In other words, she can walk into the jail at 11:59 at night, and be out a minute later because they'll credit her for a day served!!

So, what have we learned today? We have learned that if you're rich and you're a celebrity, you can do anything you damn well please. And the great part about it is, nobody will care!! If you drive drunk and high twice in two months, that's okay. If you essentially kidnap three people, steal their car, and go on a 100 plus mph chase after someone else, that's okay. If you have cocaine in your possession not to mention that cocaine is also in your system, that's okay. All you have to do is blame your crimes on an addiction and an unstable childhood. Never mind the fact that you're a FUCKING ADULT!! Just say those things, and people will have sympathy for you.

Oh wait, you're not rich or a celebrity? Well, don't worry. You see, the prosecutor has assured us that this is the punishment that EVERYONE would get if charged with the same crimes. Oh wait, you're hearing the clink of cell doors slamming shut? Well, that must be a mistake because the prosecutor has assured us that EVERYONE would only get ONE day in jail for the same crimes. Oh wait, you're serving five to ten? Well, that really must be a mistake because the prosecutor has assured us that EVEYONE would only get ONE day in jail for the same crimes.

Yeah right!! Tell that to the next man or woman that you arrest for the same crimes. Tell them that they'll only be getting ONE day in jail. Then, let's see what they really get!!

I can do my part though. I'm boycotting Lohan. If she's on the cover of a magazine, I'm not buying it. If she's on a television channel that I'm watching, I'm changing the channel. I'm not buying or watching any movies that she's in. If she's on the radio, it's going off. If she's at an awards show program that I want to watch, I'm not watching it. I'm not buying her "music". I can do my part by ensuring that not a single penny of my money goes to her. I can do my part by NEVER mentioning her again. She thinks that she can do whatever she wants because as she put it, "I can do whatever I want and I won't get into trouble because I'm a celebrity". Well bitch, I will do my part to ensure that you're not one for much longer!!

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  • At 11:05 AM, Blogger FunkyTown Fighter said…

    Paris, I need a shot of whatever it is your drinking lately, you are on a fucking roll!!! LOL.....

    I was sooooo pissed off when I heard that bullshit I almost had a damn fit! To use your parents divorce as an excuse is BULLSHIT! My parents divorced when I was 2 and guess what? I am not fucked up and on drugs and that's that I have been RAPED! That is complete BULLSHIT.
    If that's going to be the case though, then I guess Prosecuters around the country better start letting the poor criminals from the ghettos, or people who have problems period get away with selling drugs, murdering people, etc. because they REALLY do have a "hard life" not like this Bitch who has plenty of money and resources to help herself but CHOOSES not to!! Ordinary middle class people are fucked. WHY? Because we don't have the money that WHORE has to BUY her FREEDOM!!
    I'm not saying it's ok for people to run around doing what they please but at the same time the "law" should be the same for ALL not just for the not so well to do!! Excellent post Paris, and I too am boycotting the Bitch! I never liked the washed up Bitch anyway!

  • At 1:11 PM, Blogger ParisL0ve2 said…

    LOL!! Thanks Funky!! What am I drinking? It's called Canada Dry!!
    Unlike the never to be mentioned again person, I don't booze it!!

    The irony of the whole punishment is that her father was charged with a DUI, and his punishment was a few years in prison. She's a DUI offender twice within two months, and she gets a day in jail. BIG FUCKING DEAL!! Unfortunately for him, he chose to commit his crime in New York instead of California. Oh, and he's not famous!!

    I love how the D.A. chose to ignore the fact that she STOLE a car, KIDNAPPED three people, and terrorized people in another vehicle as well as the one she was in.

    If I were the D.A., she would have been charged with:

    1. Grand theft - For stealing the car.

    2. Hijacking a vehicle - For hijacking the car.

    3. Three counts of kidnapping - For essentially kidnapping the three people in the car while she went on her chase.

    4. Several counts of unlawful imprisonment - For not allowing the three people to leave the car.

    5. Two counts of hit and run - One for the May DUI offense when she got into the accident and fled the scene of the accident. The other for running over the foot of one of the guys in the car after he jumped out. She fled the scene of that incident as well.

    6. Two counts of Driving under the influence of Alcohol - For both incidents.

    7. Two counts of Driving under the influence of Cocaine - For both incidents.

    8. Several counts of terrorism - She terrorized not only the guys in the car but the women in the other vehicle that she was chasing.

    9. Several counts of reckless endangerment - For endangering the lives of the people in the car she was driving during both incidents as well as the people in the other vehicle during the second incident.

    10. Two counts of Possession of Cocaine - For both incidents.

    11. Transporting Cocaine into a jail - For the second incident.

    12. Giving false information to a police officer - For telling the police that it was the "black guy who was driving".

    I'm just getting started with the charges!! If I were the D.A., I would have researched every last offense that she could legally be charged with. Then, I would have charged her with ever last offense that she could legally be charged with. I wouldn't have stopped until the bitch was facing a minimum of ten years in prison, and a max of life.

    Some people might be reading this and laughing. They might think I'm not serious. They might think it's a joke. But this bitch and everyone else needs to be taught a lesson, and she's the perfect candidate to be used to teach that lesson.

    She's not taking any of this seriously. It's a joke to her. The only reason she's been to rehab THREE times is because the first time she said that she didn't have a problem and just needed to relax and find herself. The other two times I guarantee you that her lawyer told her to get her ass in rehab so it would look good to a judge, and so she would get off lightly.

    I never liked the bitch either. So, boycotting her won't be difficult!! Now hopefully all the braindead idiots out there will do the same.




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