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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Anti-Gay Bigots About To Be Outed

It's about time we find out who the anti-gay bigots are here in this country. If they have to be outed, so be it!! We have a right to know!! It's about to happen in Oregon!!

Group To Out Signers Of Anti-Gay Oregon Petition

Portland, Oregon) People who sign petitions seeking to put measures repealing two LGBT civil rights laws on next November's ballot are about to be outed.

A newly formed group is planning to put the names and addresses on a national Web site. The names, once submitted to the state, are public property.

Conservative groups are trying to collect enough names to have the two laws put to voters. They need to collect the signatures of 55,179 registered voters within 90 days of the adjournment of the Legislature. The deadline is in about a month.

One of the laws the groups seek to overturn is a partnership law that grants rights, responsibilities and protections afforded to other Oregon couples and their families currently only available through a marriage contract in Oregon. It would be open to both same and opposite-sex couples.

The other law would amend the state's non-discrimination laws to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing, employment, public accommodation, education and public services statewide.

The two pieces of legislation were signed into law May 9 by Gov. Ted Kulongoski and are to take effect January 1. If the repeal groups should gather enough signatures to force a vote the laws would be put on hold until after next November's election.

The groups opposing the laws say that the partnership law violates a constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2004 that declares marriage as legally valid only between a man and a woman.

They also say the non-discrimination law violates the rights of churches to practice their religion.

Know Thy Neighbor Web sites have previously been used in two states where conservative groups planned constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriage.

The first began in 2005 in Massachusetts. As a result a number of names collected were discovered to be fraudulent. The groups calling for an amendment, however, gathered more than enough names to send the issue to the legislature where the issue died earlier this year.

The second was in Florida where conservatives continue to push for a marriage amendment.

The importance of Know Thy Neighbor is it creates a dialogue, KnowThyNeighbor.org director Tom Lang told 365Gay.com from Massachusetts.

"It shows this is us, we're here. we're your neighbors," said Lang. "it's an opportunity to discuss the issues with our neighbors.

Of the Oregon effort, Lang said final details are being worked out with Gay Rights Watch in Portland.

Oregon's largest LGBT group, Basic Rights Oregon is not involved, but spokesperson Bryan Boyd said it does not oppose the effort.

"Anything that helps defeat this odious attempt to overturn rights is fine by us," Boyd told 365Gay.com.

"Basic Rights Oregon will remain focused on preparing for the possibility the two ballot measures will go to voters in 2008."

Anyone who thinks that it's okay to discriminate against people based on sexual orientation among other things clearly needs to be outed. These sick SOB's need to have their names plastered everywhere so that people know exactly who they are!!

I especially love how these sick SOB's hide behind religion, and use it as an excuse to allow discrimination. It's always the same. Well, it would violate a church's right to practice their religion. How about the rights of gay people to live their lives? Oh, wait!! Stupid me!! I forgot that gay people aren't people, therefore they don't have a right to live their lives the way they want. They don't have a right to be treated with respect and dignity. They don't have a right to expect to be treated as equals.


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