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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Protest Hypocrisy!!

Let me get this straight!! If you're a pro-lifer and you stand in front of an abortion clinic, harassing women going to that clinic then it's okay. If you're a pro-choice person and you shout obscenities at pro-lifers and knock over some cross, you're arrested and charged with battery? Battery on what? A cross? Give me a fucking break!!

Illinois Pro-Abortion Activists Arrested for Harassing Pro-Life Advocates

Aurora, IL (LifeNews.com) -- Two pro-abortion counterprotesters were arrested on Monday after they harassed pro-life advocates who were rallying against the construction of a new abortion business in this Chicago suburb. The two activists were given misdemeanor battery charges by authorities following the altercation.
Aurora residents Shawn R. Pawlak, 24, and Kelly L. Mahan, 27, confronted the pro-life protesters on Sunday outside the construction site.

According to a Suburban Chicago News report, they shouted obscenities at the pro-life people and knocked over small white crosses that had been set up to mourn the loss of life at abortion centers across the country.

Pawlak received battery of a protester charges and Mahan was booked on disorderly conduct. Both were released after posting bail, police said, and they will appear in Aurora Branch Court on the morning of September 11.

Over the weekend, hundreds of pro-life advocates in this northern Illinois city listened to pro-life leaders from across the country as they rallied in opposition to a new abortion business Planned Parenthood is almost done building there. They don't believe it's possible to close down the new center but they hope to raise public opinion against it.

Eric Scheidler, an Aurora resident who heads up the Pro-Life Action League, brought in the other pro-life leaders and said that members of the community never expected "an abortionist as their neighbor."

"We don't want Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois," he added. "Whether it's 40 days of prayers or 40 years of effort, we will shut down the abortion fortress of Aurora."

A handful of abortion advocates counterprotested at the event.

They brought signs, including one with a coat hanger and the words "Never Again" -- an attempt to recreate history with claims that thousands of women died from illegal abortions. They said nothing of the women who have died from legal ones.

Naperville resident John McCollum told the newspaper that "We feel quite strongly in a woman's right to choose. Everybody should be a wanted baby."

The pro-abortion protesters had to be confined on a sidewalk off to the side because they didn't obtain a permit to protest as the pro-life advocates did.

The new abortion center, located at 240 N. Oakhurst Drive in the DuPage County section of Aurora, is set to open September 18.

So, it's perfectly acceptable in this country for pro-lifers to harass women, to call them murderers, to preach their religious shit to these women, and whatever else they do. That's fine!! It's apparently protected under their First Amendment rights. They can be the biggest bitches they want to women, and nobody does anything. But if you're pro-choice and you dare to confront these pro-life assholes, one of these bitches whines about a cross being knocked over and a few FU's hurled at them and the pro-choicer is arrested because it's not covered by their First Amendment rights. Like I said, battery on what? A cross? Take your crosses, and shove them up your ass!! We all know where these bitches are going when they die, and it sure as hell ain't HEAVEN!!

Perhaps the next time these bitches decide to protest, maybe the women that they're harassing will hurl some FU's at them. Oh wait, the women might get arrested for being...um...unladylike!!

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