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Friday, May 04, 2007

Update On Irish Abortion Story

The HSE in Ireland has "agreed" to not stop a 17 year old girl from traveling to the UK to get an abortion. Yeah, sure they have!! They've agreed, but attached four stipulations to that agreement. They are:

1. She has to submit an application to the court requesting the right to go to the UK for the abortion.

2. A judge has to okay the application, and determine that she is 100% aware of what she's doing. The judge also has to rule that the travel is "lawful and appropriate."

3. She has to get the okay from her mother. I don't get this stipulation, given the fact that she was essentially made a ward of the state because of something that her mother did. Why they would require her consent is beyond me considering that she's supposedly EVIL. Oh I get it, maybe mommy won't consent. Thus, the HSE gets its way so that she can't have the abortion. They want EVIL MOMMY to do their bidding for them!!

4. The HSE also wants her to undergo counseling. Why? So they can talk her out of having the abortion? Or require her to undergo counseling for a long enough period of time so that she can't get an abortion because it's too late in the pregnancy? Who is going to do the counseling? The Catholic Church? One of those counselors from a center that pretty much badgers a woman into changing her mind about having an abortion?

Adding stipulations to this case is ridiculous. They're not agreeing to let her have the abortion. They're putting stipulations on her to make it harder for her to have the abortion. They need to stop playing GOD with this girl, and just let her have the abortion. The most sickening part of the story is that there is actually a lawyer for the fetus. Yeah, that's right!! There's a lawyer for the fetus that is basically DEAD. So, there's a lawyer that is most likely going to argue that the fetus has a right to live, despite the fact that if the fetus is born alive it will die almost immediately after being born.

Remind me not to move to Ireland!! It's absolutely disgusting that this girl is being dragged through this bullshit!! She deserves to be respected, and clearly she's not!!

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