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Friday, May 04, 2007

God These People Are Braindead Morons!!

Yet another braindead Republican has decided to open his mouth, and spout off about something he clearly doesn't understand.

Today, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) reiterated this far-right talking point. He claimed that under the hate crimes bill, you would be charged with a crime if you were “thinking something bad” before you committed a crime against someone. “I just think it takes us down a path that is very scary."

No, what's scary is that people like Mr. Boehner think it's perfectly acceptable to hate people. What's scary is that people like Mr. Boehner don't want to stop the cycle of violence against gays.

BOEHNER: I’ve got to tell you, I really don’t understand it. We’re going to put into place a federal law that says, not only will we punish you for the crime that you actually commit — the physical crime that you commit — but we’re also going to charge you with a crime that if we think that you were thinking bad things about this person before you committed a crime.

I just — I just really don’t understand it. I’ve been opposed to this for a long time and I remain opposed to it.

I mean, it’s a crime on what people were thinking when they were committing an act of violence. How do you walk into court and make a case for a crime because someone was thinking something bad. I just think it takes us down a path that is very scary.

Hey Mr. Braindead Moron, it's called premeditation!! There's such a thing as premeditated murder. You know, that thing where the killer actually thinks about killing another person even if it's a one or two second thought. But I wouldn't expect these jackasses to understand that concept!! It's only premeditation when it's a Republican or a Christian that they're talking about. If it's a gay person, it's perfectly acceptable to think about killing or injuring the gay person.

This is the TRASH that we have in Congress. The people in his district in Ohio need to have their heads examined for voting for this braindead jackass!!

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