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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

AFA: Opportunistic, Scum-Sucking Bastards

I always knew that the American Family Association was insane. This just proves it.

Courtesy of Think Progress, the American Family Association has come up with the "real" reasons for why the massacre at Virginia Tech happened. Talk about opportunistic, scum-sucking bastards!!

AFA blames school shootings on lack of prayer, spankings. In a new video, the the right-wing American Family Association attributes the tragedy at Virginia Tech to: a lack of prayer in school, a lack of the Bible in school, a lack of spanking kids, a lack of physical punishment in school, abortion, condoms, Bill Clinton, internet pornography, free speech, the entertainment industry, “satanic” music, and liberal culture in general.

Let me take a few minutes to address each one of these. I think I'll start at the beginning. The first reason is the lack of prayer in school. As I was discussing this today, my brother said "How would the American Family Association explain the Amish school shooting?" It's pretty simple really. Christian lunatics would say that the Amish don't follow the TRUE religion. Therefore, that's why the school shooting took place there. I'm sure that prayer takes place all the time in the Amish schools. But that doesn't really matter to Christian lunatics. On a side note, no amount of PRAYER is going to stop someone from shooting others.

The second reason is the lack of the Bible in school. Yeah, that's a great reason!! Not!! A lot of people that kill others profess to be God-fearing, Bible-reading, church-attending, deeply religious people. Yet, they kill. Some even kill and invoke God into it. Abortion doctor killings anyone????? The Iraq and Afghanistan wars anyone????? 600,000 plus dead innocent civilians in Iraq alone anyone????? On a side note, the Bible has some of the most violent passages I've ever read. But hey, let's put them in schools so the children can get ideas!!

The third reason is the lack of spanking. Yep, if only his parents beat his ass!! That would have solved what? Absolutely nothing!! It would have made him angry. It would have made him a violent person. He would have beaten others because he was beaten. It would teach him that hitting someone is perfectly acceptable, even normal. It may have even added two more people to the list of dead. His parents!! What I do find laughable about this argument is that you don't really hear about killers being those who were never spanked as a child. They're usually the people who were spanked, beaten, and abused as a child.

The fourth reason is the lack of physical punishment in school. Well first of all, if school officials ever laid a hand on a student then their asses would be landing in jail. That's called assault. They'd also be facing a lawsuit by parents. But physically punishing someone in school will only result in angry students out for revenge. Yeah, let's put students, teachers, principals, and other school staff in the line of fire for an absolutely asinine reason.

The fifth reason is abortion. Yeah, because we all know that the "murder" of a blob of cells is a good enough reason to kill an actual LIVING, BREATHING HUMAN BEING. I'm not even getting into this one because I will defend a WOMAN'S right to choose until the end of time.

The sixth reason is condoms. I've never heard of someone killing other people because of the availability of condoms. I've never heard of someone killing other people because of the use of condoms.

The seventh reason is Bill Clinton. Hell, why not? He's blamed for everything else under the fucking sun. Why not blame him for this? Bill and his damn blowjob!!

The eighth reason is internet pornography. Oh, those damn naked people on the Internet. They just couldn't keep their clothing on, and people just couldn't keep their computers off.

The ninth reason is free speech. I find it interesting that free speech is to blame for the massacre at Virginia Tech. Yet, the AFA is free to exercise its right to spew this bullshit, and they see nothing wrong with that.

The tenth reason is the entertainment industry. Whenever something like this happens, it's somehow always the entertainment industry's fault. Blame it on movies, video games, television, or music. Why the hell not!!

The eleventh reason is "satanic" music. Music is only satanic to Christian whacks if it's not religious music. What exactly is satanic music? Is it music that actually expresses a thought or opinion? Perhaps it's music that actually utters something other than the cloud-being, GOD. Whatever!!

The twelfth reason is liberal culture in general. Hmmm, liberal culture? Oh that's right. It's a liberal culture because most of us actually believe in the right to speak our minds instead of being brainwashed, and repeating the same old propaganda bullshit that our lying leaders attempt to shove down our throats. It's a liberal culture because most of us don't believe in beating our children. It's a liberal culture because most of us believe in peace. It's a liberal culture because most of us believe in equality for everyone. It's a liberal culture because most of us don't believe in war. It's a liberal culture because most of us believe in a woman's right to choose. It's a liberal culture because most of us believe in getting along with the rest of the world. It's a liberal culture because most of us believe in finding peaceful ways to solve problems. It's a liberal culture because most of us actually have compassion. It's a liberal culture because most of us aren't FUCKING INSANE!! Yeah, it's a liberal culture!!

Last week I was told by several people on a blog that I was not thinking rationally because I actually put most of the blame where it should be. I was told that I was "thick" because I didn't agree with the blogger. The excuses flew!! I wonder what the blogger would say about this. Oh wait, the blogger wouldn't give a damn. You see, it's just more liberal propaganda to discredit the wonderful people at The American Family Association. WRONG!!

The massacre at Virginia Tech can be attributed to the following: A man who clearly had problems managed to get his hands on weapons. He took his anger and frustration out on innocent people with the help of a GUN.

Something should be done about the American Family Association. Shut them down!! They are nothing more than opportunistic, scum-sucking bastards. How dare they suggest that everything but the real reason is to blame here. How dare they use the innocent victims and their families like this. How dare they make a mockery of what happened. They're sick, sick, sick bitches. They make me sick to even be lumped into the same category as them, an American.


  • At 8:13 AM, Anonymous JollyRoger said…

    The AFA is selling what its constituents want to buy. They are no crazier than their supporters.

    It is instructive to check out the ties between "family" organizations like the AFA and other orgs that once used as props white sheets and hot crosses.

  • At 4:41 PM, Blogger Snave said…

    I love the bumper sticker that says "Don't pray in my school and I won't think in your church!"

    And those danged Amish... just a cult, and you know how we fundamentalists view cults! heh...

    Not only do the violent parts of religious books incite violence today, they have been doing so or centuries. One would think the human race would be smart enough to learn lessons from history, but instead we have a "president" who seems to want to resume the "Crusades", which for all practical purposes ended in 1291. "Thou shalt not kill"? Hah. Tell me another good one, Dobson, Falwell, Robertson, Graham, etc. If you can't support that commandment, quit whining about wanting the Ten Commandments on every wall of every building in the country.

    Add me to the number of people who think that physically punishing kids raises up angry young kids who can't wait until they are old enough to control their own environments through whatever violent means they see fit.

    There are actually people out there who want to give social security numbers to fetii. It's true. And those danged condoms! I would much rather have my kids die of AIDS or be crippled with STDs than prevent the creation of a fetus. Not...

    And that damned Bill Clinton. I wanted to mow my lawn today, but he made it rain! Seriously, the way they seem to think Bill Clinton is responsible for everything, might they just as well worship him? God is responsible for everything, so they say. Bill Clinton too? Come on...

    And we sure can't have naked people expressing their opinions in movies.

    The rock and roll music they used to call "Satanic" is now the style of music they are using to draw in vast numbers of impressionable young people to their storefront churches, megachurches, whatever. In order to increase membership, have they sold their souls to Satan? Deceased Christians who abhorred rock and roll music 20-30 years ago must all be rolling in their graves at such a double-standard.

    Good job explaining why we do indeed live in a "liberal culture". I am very glad we do! Our Constitution insures that we are allowed to do so. Too bad so many rightwingers don't seem to like the Constitution very much any more. Why do they hate America?

    Religious groups sure do like to mount negative P.R. campaigns against those who disagree with their narrow views. Most of us who disagree tend to sit politely by, because in our society criticizing someone's religious beliefs is considered taboo. Well, for those of us who don't believe what people like the AFA believe, maybe we shouldn't bite our tongues and sit on our hands while they pile-drive their crap into the minds of Americans. We need to be mounting various kinds of counter-measures. I am hoping that the fundamentalist movement in America is reaching a threshold or a point from which its numbers won't grow any further... if it does continue to grow, our country will get further behind other nations in scientific research and technology because the religiosos disapprove of science and reason. It will lead to more and more angry (and maybe violent) outbursts from people who don't like to be controlled. We are a nation made up largely of adults, not of children who need to be punished. Scheise!!!

    The AFA blames everything but the real reason as a way to direct attention toward their cause, and as a way of controlling people by making them afraid.

    And speaking of opportunistic scum-suckers, did you notice how quickly the NRA was ready with statements once the news of the massacre had spread? They used to be an organization devoted to sportsmen. Look at what they have become now! I own a rifle, and I know how to use it, but I will never ever in my life become a member of an organization like that.

    Finally (sorry I ranted so long, but this kind of crap just pisses me off!), I LOVE the bumper sticker that is a response to James Dobson's nefarious Focus On The Family program:

    "Focus on your own damned family."

    To me, that means "fix your problems you have at home, in your own life, before you go trying to fix everyone else's". That's what outfits like the AFA, people like Falwell, Robertson, Franklin Graham, etc. need to do. Live and let live, and put up or shut up.

    I hope their rapture comes soon, so all of them will ascend to their heaven and leave the rest of us to live on Earth in peace.

  • At 5:29 PM, Blogger ParisL0ve2 said…

    You're more than welcome to rant away Snave!! I completely agree!!

    I love the bumper sticker that I just purchased the other day. It says "The 10 Commandments are NOT multiple choice." I was tempted to send it to a relative who is a wingnut, but I decided to display it on my own car right alongside the other bumper sticker that says "For a small town, there sure are a lot of assholes."

  • At 8:41 PM, Blogger Tom Harper said…

    The AFA -- those people are so pathetic; they're funny and alarming at the same time. And like Jolly Roger said, some of these "family values" groups have a long history of working hand in hand with Nazis and the KKK.

    Who Hijacked Our Country

  • At 10:47 PM, Blogger 1138 said…

    And I thought it was all because Mars was in retrograde.
    Silly me - from now on, I'll stop wasting time on calculations and just let the AFA explain why the world sucks.
    Now with all that extra time on my hands I guess I'll be free to throw rotten vegetables at the sinners at the public pillory before I go to the witch dunking.

    Oops almost missed a chance to kick Satan's dog.

  • At 12:43 AM, Blogger Snave said…

    Oooooh, that last one is a great one!

    The only one I have on my car at the moment is the red circle with the W in the center, with the slash through it. I'm tempted to put on one I have that says "49% of Americans agree with 99% of the rest of the world"!

    Do you also live in a small town? My town is small enough, and I have lived here 38 of my almost 50 years (the absence of 11-12 years was going away to college and getting my first real job before returning to town to be here in case my parents needed me... I'm their only kid, and as things turned out, my dad passed on last fall and I was SO glad I could be here to help Mom), so I grew up in my town and know LOTS of people from WAY back! I don't want to offend TOO many of them... heh... anyway, NE Oregon is very much like Idaho or Wyoming when it comes to the way people vote. The GOP usually wins by about a 63-37 margin in my town, but in more remote counties it's always more like 80-20. Lefties living in those more isolated areas tend to have to live with their mouths shut.

    Anyway, a number of us local lefties already took a great deal of flack during primary elections last spring. There were four people running for two County Commissioner seats, and all four were Republicans. One incumbent was a divisive modern Republican type, the other was an old-style conservative and a nice person. Of the challengers, the one challenging the neocon was a nice, well-loved local who had served as county clerk for 19 years. The challenger to the decent incumbent conservative was a neocon guy back from Iraq who paraded all over town in his uniform non-stop. He was the incumbent neocon's protege, and hoped to ride to victory on the incumbent's coattails. So why the flack?

    A bunch of us local Dems and other lefties changed parties to Republican for the primary elections! Oregon has a closed primary system, meaning that if you are registered as a member of one party, you can only vote for that party's candidate! We wanted a say in who was running our county... and it worked. I'm not sure how many of us switched over to GOP, but the incumbent neocon lost by about 90 votes, and his protege got a royal whuppin'.

    After the election, I changed back to the left, but this time not to Democrat but to Pacific Green because I was pissed at the Dems on a national level and because I find my political beliefs more closely align with the Greens anyway.

    But the temptation to add some more stickers to the back of the Prius is sure there... heh...

  • At 3:37 PM, Blogger ParisL0ve2 said…

    Well, I wouldn't exactly call where I live a small town. It's not tiny. There are about 85,000 people who live here. But it does feel small because practically everyone knows everyone, and everyone knows everyone's business.

    I can't wait to get out of here though. I want to move, and I'm thinking about making the move to that small little liberal city of SAN FRANCISCO!! Hell, I may even leave the country!!


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