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Monday, March 05, 2007

Your Daughter Is A CRIMINAL!!

The mother of one of the "Barbie Bandits" has spoken out in defense of her daughter.

The mother of a 19-year-old arrested in a bank theft scheme said Monday that her daughter isn't a bandit, she just fell in with the wrong crowd and made a bad choice.

Oh okay!! I guess she doesn't have to take responsibility for what she did because she has her mother who blames her crime on falling into the wrong crowd and making a bad choice. I bet all the criminals out there wish they had a mom like this woman. Then they could say something like this, "Oops, I murdered someone. Gee mom, can you blame it on a bad choice and the wrong crowd? Oops, I raped someone. Gee mom, can you blame it on a bad choice and the wrong crowd? Oops, I robbed a bank. Gee mom, can you blame it on a bad choice and the wrong crowd? Oops, I stole a car. Gee mom, can you blame it on a bad choice and the wrong crowd? Oops, I sold drugs. Gee mom, can you blame it on a bad choice and the wrong crowd?"

Joy Miller said her daughter, Ashley Miller, is sorry for what she did.

Oh, well then that makes it all better. She said she was sorry for what she did. I guess if she's sorry then she shouldn't have to be punished.

"I want (people) to know that her and Heather both are not bandits," Joy Miller told ABC's "Good Morning America" Monday." "They're little girls that made a bad choice."

She's right there!! They're not bandits. They're bank robbers. They're little girls? They're 19 years old. When are they going to start acting like adults, and taking responsibility for what they do in life? It's that kind of attitude right there that has gotten them to this point in their lives. No wonder they robbed a bank and thought nothing of it, going so far as to laugh while robbing the bank. They're "little girls" and they can do whatever they please because Mommy and Daddy will just defend them. Mommy and Daddy will bail them out. But the problem here is, Mommy and Daddy can't make it all better. They robbed a bank woman!! The last time I looked, that's a federal crime. They could potentially kiss the next 25 years of their lives goodbye, especially if they used a weapon or threatened to use a weapon when they robbed the bank. And rightfully so I might add!!

This mother is delusional if she thinks that she can just smooth everything over for her daughter. Her daughter is a criminal now. Nothing this mother says or does is going to change that fact. She can throw all the money in the world at the judge. But the fact is, her daughter will be punished for her crime. She might as well kiss her daughter goodbye now because the next time she sees her on the other side of those bars may be when the "little girl" is 44 years old.

I ask, was it worth it? Was it worth throwing their lives away for a moment of "fun" and giggles? Mommy and Daddy aren't going to get them out of this one. It's now time for these "little girls" who made a bad choice to face the music. It's now time for these "little girls" to become adults, and own up to their crimes. I hope that they enjoy meeting Big Momma in the clink because that's who they'll be seeing for a long time to come!!

To the parents I say this, stop being naive. Take your blinders off, and let these spoiled little brats face the consequences. They chose to rob a bank. They can't get off by apologizing and making excuses. That's not how it works out here in the REAL WORLD.


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