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Friday, March 02, 2007

Jolie To Adopt Again

This is one of the stories that has really bugged me today. I don't understand the hate being hurled at Angelina Jolie. I really don't!!

Angelina Jolie has decided to adopt another child. This time, she's chosen Vietnam as the place where she wishes to adopt a child. All day long I've read stories and message boards about this. The complaints and bashing have gone beyond ridiculous. One person on a message board made the comment, "Just what we need, another non-white person living in the United States." At least a dozen more comments on this particular message board were complaints saying "How dare she adopt a child from another country when there are children in the U.S. that need adopting. How dare she adopt in a foreign country. This is the United States, and we come first."

Comments like this piss me off!! First of all, I applaud her for being open to adopting children. Hell, I applaud anyone that is open to adopting children. It drives me insane when someone thumbs his or her nose at adoption because they would rather have a "blood" child instead of just having a child. There are children everywhere in the world that need to be adopted, not just the United States. They deserve to have loving parents. So, kudos to Angelina Jolie for opening up her heart and home to children.

What the hell is with the U.S. first comments when it comes to adoption? Children that need to be adopted are worthy of being adopted, regardless of where they're from. Are we really saying that if they're not American children then they're not worthy of being loved? That's nice!! I would offer this solution to the U.S. adoption problem. Instead of protesting abortion clinics or trying to outlaw abortion, pro-lifers should put their money and their homes where their big fat mouths are. They should adopt all the American children waiting to be adopted. But that would never happen because they're too concerned with saving a fetus instead of saving the life of a child waiting to be adopted.

If Angelina Jolie wants to adopt children, more power to her. If she wants to adopt a child from every country in the world, more power to her. She's doing something that many people aren't willing to do. She's giving a child a chance at life. She's giving a child a loving home. She's giving a child a loving parent. And she doesn't give a damn about biology!! She shouldn't be trashed for that. She should be applauded. If there were more people like her in the world, there wouldn't be any children waiting to be adopted. They'd all have parents who love them, and homes to call their own.


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