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Friday, February 16, 2007

The Perp Is The Victim Now?

Thanks to C for sending me this story!!

Restaurant Hosts Benefit for Astronaut

COCOA BEACH, Fla. (Feb. .12) - About 70 diners attended a fundraiser at an Italian restaurant Sunday night for a NASA astronaut charged with attempted murder.

Silvestro's restaurant, which was bombarded with criticism after word spread that they were holding the fundraiser, plans to donate the dinner proceeds to Lisa Nowak's family.

Restaurant co-owner Tony Bless told Melbourne's Florida Today newspaper that he thought it was the right thing to do for Nowak, who made a positive impression on his staff when she dined there last summer.

"We stand by our friends in time of need, and it's a time of need," he said. Bless said he's also gotten supportive calls and e-mails from as far away as Italy.

Nowak was arrested Feb. 5 on charges of attempted murder, attempted kidnapping and three other crimes stemming from what police described as a love triangle involving fellow astronaut William Oefelein.

Let me get this straight!! She's accused of attempted murder, attempted kidnapping, and three other crimes, and people feel sorry for her? Oh that's right!! She made a "positive impression" on the staff at the restaurant. Wow!! What about the VICTIM? Apparently nobody gives a shit about her. How about a little sympathy for her? After all, she's the one who was allegedly stalked for two months. She's the one who was followed in an airport parking lot. She's the one who was pepper sprayed. But hey, she's not the victim!! The accused is, right?

Nice attitude in this country. We treat the perp like the victim, and the victim like the perp. Nowak brought this upon herself, and she only has herself to blame for her problems now. She doesn't need sympathy from people. She needs to be locked up in a nice padded jail cell!!


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