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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yet More Hypocrisy!! Senator's Wife Gets Reprieve From Deportation.

The smell is in the air. What smell is that you ask? It's the smell of hypocrisy. A state senator's wife from Georgia got a reprieve from being deported, and she might be allowed to receive U.S. citizenship.

Talk about hypocrisy. Yes, what happened may not have been her fault. However, it's still hypocrisy if you ask me. For how many months have we been talking about immigration in this country? For how many months have we been talking about sending immigrants back to the countries from which they came? Yet this senator's wife is going to be allowed to stay here, and might be allowed to receive citizenship. What a bunch of bullshit!! If we're going to throw immigrants out of this country which I personally believe is bullshit to begin with, then she shouldn't be treated any differently than any of the other immigrants that are here. And why are they treating her with special gloves? Well, of course it's because she's a politician's wife. The fact remains though, this woman was hiding out since November 28th to avoid Immigration officials. That fact right there is enough for me to say HELL NO to lifting the deportation order. She should be thrown out if we're demanding that others are thrown out.

I guess if you know powerful people, you can stay in this country. But if you're a poor illegal immigrant who doesn't know anybody, to hell with you!! Isn't America great? Yeah right!!


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