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Saturday, December 02, 2006

How Poetic!!

How poetic it was that Kevin Federline was booted from the gameshow 1 VS. 100 last night on a nursery rhyme question!! Here was the question:

In the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle, what did the dish run away with?

A) The China
B) The Flatware
C) The Glassware

Although they didn't reveal what Federline's answer actually was, he didn't give the correct answer. The host asked Federline if he was familiar with a table setting. His response was, "yeah but only when one is set up for me."

It was so fitting that he was booted on that type of question, given his lack of parental responsibility. It's not surprising that he didn't know a nursery rhyme. Here's a suggestion Kevin, stop trying to promote an album that has sold less than 3,000 copies. Stop partying, and start being a parent to all FOUR of your children. Maybe then you might actually know that the DISH RAN AWAY WITH THE SPOON, and that a spoon is neither china nor glassware. God help these children, especially since they have some of his genes!!


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