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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Media Whores Are At It Again

The media whores are at it again!! This time, they're defending an alleged sex offender. Since when in this country has the child sex offender, rapist, murderer, etc. become the victim, and the victim becoming the perpetrator?

The media whores are so desperate to hold on to the notion that John and Patsy Ramsey murdered and raped their child that they're willing to go so far as to discredit and practically beg for this alleged sex offender to be proven innocent. Wow, great job people!! Go on, go ahead and defend a scumbag. I believe in the notion of being innocent until proven guilty. However, the media whores want so desperately for this scumbag to be cleared. They want so desperately to continue their almost decade long crucifixion of the Ramsey's. They're so desperate in their effort to hold on to that notion that they're willing to believe that this scum of the Earth is only looking for his 15 minutes of fame rather than to admit that they've been so disgusting and hideously wrong for almost 10 years.

To top it all off, a man who claims to be a crusader for tougher restrictions on sex offenders, Mark Klass, is so willing to believe that this alleged sex offender is a 15 minutes of fame seeker. What was the point in fighting for the rights of victims Mark? What was the point in fighting for tougher penalties for sex offenders Mark? This man was following your own murdered child's case Mark? Yet you choose to believe that he's innocent. Do me a favor Mark, don't pretend to be looking out for victims. You clearly aren't if you would defend this scum. You're no better than the media whores. You're no better than this scum. In fact, you're worse in my opinion because you of all people should know better than to defend him.


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