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Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's About Time!!

A Roman Catholic Bishop in California is facing possible criminal charges for his delay in notifying police of child sexual abuse accusations against a priest. Before you ask, this is not a witch hunt. He violated the law by failing to report these accusations. Therefore, he deserves to be charged.

It's about time these individuals are charged for what amounts to aiding and abetting child sexual abuse. The Catholic Church is not above the law, and therefore they deserve to be punished for turning a blind eye to countless accusations of abuse perpetrated by priests. They deserve as harsh a punishment as the priests who do the abusing. I refuse to make a distinction between the abuser and the abuse facilitator. They allow it to happen, and often say nothing.

I applaud prosecutors for considering criminal charges in this case. It's about time someone stood up to the Catholic Church and told them that if you allow abuse to take place and say nothing or delay saying something, you're going to find yourself standing in front of a judge. Throw the book at this bishop. Perhaps maybe when he's facing some time behind bars, he might rethink his use of "caution" when deciding whether or not to report sexual abuse allegations.


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