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Saturday, August 12, 2006

In The Garbage? How Dumb Do You Think We Are?

The airports across the country promised that all the items that were discarded would remain in the trash. How damn dumb do they think we are? You can't honestly tell me that the cases of Napa Valley wine at the very least will remain in the garbage.

As the article stated, officials in Pennsylvania were considering removing some items from the bins, and reselling them on E-BAY. Passengers didn't voluntarily give up these items. They were ordered to give up these items. How dare you sell THEIR items, and make a profit off of it. I don't give a damn what the money would be used for. How dare you!! They have some nerve taking items that people were forced to give up, and then reselling them. Do they need money that badly? This is absolutely pathetic!!

On another note, how stupid are Americans? One woman in the article said that before long we'll be flying naked, and she's okay with that. Are we that stupid that we would do just about anything our government told us to do, including flying naked on a plane? Oh let me guess, our clothes can be fashioned into a bomb and blown up using our electric car keys, therefore we must fly naked. In what fantasy world are we living in? I thought this was America, but it certainly doesn't sound like it.


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