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Friday, August 11, 2006

Attempt To Benefit From Alleged Terror Plot

Gee, I can't guess who's going to attempt to benefit from the lastest alleged terror plot. Could it be the Republithugs? Nah, they wouldn't do anything like that. They don't profit off of tragedy. Nah, they never invoked September 11th in an attempt to profit politically from it. They wouldn't do such a disgusting thing. After all, they're the "good" Americans.

On Wednesday, with knowledge of the alleged plot, Dick Cheney was commenting on the primary election loss of Joseph Lieberman. He made the comment that by rejecting Lieberman, we the Democrats, were encouraging "the Al Qaeda types." Wow, so not only are we unpatriotic, soft on security and terrorism, "moonbats," traitors, and so on, but we're also encouraging the terrorists by exercising our right to vote for who we want. What's next Republithugs? Are you going to hand us a piece of paper at the polling places with a list of candidates that we must vote for, and if we don't you'll have us arrested or killed? I know some people might laugh at that comment. But if you really think about it, that's what it's pretty much coming down to in America.

George Bush gave a preview of that when he said, "If you're not with US, you're against US. You're with the terrorists." So I ask, how far are the Republithugs willing to take that? Are they willing to go so far as to have people arrested who don't share the same views as them? Oh wait, they're already doing that. Is death for the non-believers (Democrats, and anyone who thinks the same) next?

Don't be fooled people. The truth is, the Republithugs could care less about what could of or would have happened if this alleged terror plot would have been carried out. They would have made it a point to spin it to their advantage. Since it wasn't carried out, they will spin this to their advantage by saying that Democrats can't be trusted with your safety and security. They will spin it to their advantage by saying that Democrats are soft on terror. They will, as you already see, say that Democrats are encouraging the terrorists.

It must be nice being a Republithug. When someone doesn't agree with you, just call them a terrorist sympathizer and all is well. When someone doesn't agree with you, corral them into the "First Amendment Zone," well out of sight. When someone doesn't agree with you, have them arrested. And you know it's only a matter of time before someone who doesn't share the Republithug's position will be tried for treason and put to death.


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