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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Welcome To Hell, Oops...I Mean America

That's right folks!! Welcome to America, the land where your wishes mean nothing anymore.

A 16 year old man in Virginia is fighting for his life, literally. Next week he goes to trial, where a judge will determine whether or not his wishes to forego chemotherapy for an alternative route will be honored. This is not a case of a young man who is too scared to undergo chemo. He's already been through it once before, and in his words, it almost killed him. He was in remission, but now his cancer is back. At this moment, he is undergoing herbal treatments to treat his cancer. Social Services has been given partial custody of Abraham. They are seeking to force him to undergo a second round of chemo. His parents have been charged with neglect, despite the fact that their only crime is listening to their son's wishes and allowing him to undergo alternative treatments.

The likely outcome of the trial is that he's going to be forced to undergo another round of chemotherapy, against his will I might add. But what are they going to do if he refuses? Are they going to drag him out of his home kicking and screaming, transport him to the hospital, strap him down to a hospital bed, and force the deadly chemicals we all know as chemo into his body? Or perhaps they're going to arrest his parents, and use that as a tactic to force Abraham to "cooperate." Either way, it's a disgusting display of the outrageous overstepping of authority. The last time I looked, we didn't have children for the purpose of producing them for the state or for the country to do with them what they please. Yet, that is exactly what the state and the government is trying to do here. They're trying to force a man, despite being only 16, to receive medical treatment that he doesn't want. They're trying to force a man, who is at an age where he's able to drive, work a full-time job, and get married, to receive medical treatment that could very likely end his life.

What are they going to say then if he dies as a result of the second round of chemo, we were doing the right thing? The only people who give a damn about what he wants is his parents. Social Services is only doing this so that they can look good in the eyes of others, despite the fact that they're likely ignoring a real neglected or abused child while butting into this family's life. The oncologist is only doing this because he's on a power trip, and thinks he has a right to play God with this man's life. Wow, what a big man he is!! Oh, and don't forget that little thing called money that he would miss out on if Abraham were allowed to continue his alternative treatments. The judge, well, I'll wait to see what the judge decides. But, in essence, he's playing God too.

Wake up America!! You could be next!! All it takes is your refusal of medical treatment, an asinine medical professional who won't take no for an answer, and your government to be notified of your refusal, and you're Abraham. How many freedoms are you willing to give up? How many rights are you willing to have taken away? How many before you stand up and tell the doctors and the government TO STAY THE HELL OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS? You could be next!! Don't say nobody warned you!!


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