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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Night They Killed Figure Skating Is RIGHT!!!!!

Elvis Stojko's commentary was 99.999% correct. Last night was absolutely the night that figure skating died. However, I do disagree with him on one thing which I will mention later.

Last night was a complete and utter joke. Evan Lysacek did NOT deserve to win the gold medal. Not only did his program not include a quad, but it was totally BORING. There was nothing "magical" or memorable about what he did. If you didn't know who was actually out on the ice it could have been anybody's program.

He wants to complain that Evgeni Plushenko "spoiled his moment" because Plushenko was upset that he got SCREWED out of the gold and wasn't afraid to say it. Sorry, but Lysacek was given a moment that he didn't deserve.

As far back as I can remember figure skating has always been about what you can do, jump wise. But everyone seems to act like JUMPS mean nothing anymore. If you don't have jumps you might as well just be ice dancers because figure skating is about far more than just spins and footwork.

Furthermore, what is this 10% bonus all about for doing jumps in the second half of your program? It wasn't in the pairs competition. Is it going to be in the women's competition? Quite frankly, I think it cheapens the competition. It essentially penalizes a skater for doing their jumps on their terms instead of when the judges want it done. Shenanigans!!

As I already said, I disagree with Stojko on one thing. He believes that Johnny Weir deserved to be in fifth place instead of sixth. I believe he deserved to be higher.

I don't like Johnny Weir. Not because of his personality or anything, but because I don't know anything about him. I haven't followed his career. So, I didn't have an opinion about him going into last night's program.

Johnny Weir deserved a medal last night. Johnny Weir skated the program of his life. It was amazing to watch, and he was an amazing skater. Johnny Weir had a far more interesting and moving performance than Lysacek. He was not an arrogant American last night!! He was Johnny Weir, a man who knows who he is and what he is capable of doing!!

Johnny Weir's moment was SPOILED by the judges. It was certainly not his skating that cost him a medal last night. He was far better than Chan from Canada and Lambiel from Switzerland. And if you really want to get down to it, he was better than Takahashi from Japan who fell on his quad attempt.

So to Johnny I say, Вы победитель!!

And to Evgeni I say, Вы были победителем независимо от того, какой любое говорит. Вы всегда будете победителем, и никто может принять то далеко от вас!!


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