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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Have You Heard The One About The...

Have you heard the one about the "hijacked" Mexican flight? No, this is not the beginning of a joke. Although, the story is rapidly becoming a joke!!

I tuned in to CNN's coverage of this story this afternoon. This all went down during Rick Sanchez's show. He sat there "interpreting" what the Mexican news was saying. For someone who is fluent in Spanish, he sure didn't sound like it. He couldn't interpret half of what was being said. While the plane was already on the ground and had been for a little while, he's sitting there saying that the plane is attempting to land in Mexico City.

So as you can see, the coverage alone was a joke!!

But it gets even better!!

First there were 3 hijackers.

Then there were 5 hijackers.

Five turned into 7 or 8.

Eventually the number of people arrested were 8. However, now apparently there was only 1 hijacker. Or at least that's what the story makes it sound like.

Who is this "hijacker"?

Well, he's a "Bolivian drug addict and alcoholic who calls himself a church minister." Not only that but, "September 9, 2009 is significant to him." "It's also 666 backwards"? WTF?

Wait though!! The joke continues!! He "hijacked" the plane because he wanted to "fly to Mexico City to warn them about an earthquake."


Drunken, "Christian" whack American perhaps?

For all this talk about Bolivian hijackers, there sure appeared to be an awful lot of white guys in cuffs that were dressed in what I would label American-esque garb. Granted, I've never been to Bolivia before so I don't know what someone from Bolivia might wear. But I'll tell you right now, the younger guys that were arrested looked like your typical American beach bum in board shorts and a t-shirt.

Just to add a little more BS to the story, the passengers can't even agree on what happened. At least two say that the flight was peaceful, and that they wouldn't have known the plane was "hijacked" had it not been for the emergency vehicles on the runway and the police arresting these men. Another one says that it was "very intense" and that the pilot told them to remain calm. Were these people even on the same plane?


UPDATE: I removed the posting of the story because they have changed the name of the "hijacker". I don't want an innocent person's name posted here!!


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