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Thursday, October 01, 2009


I would officially like to thank Obama for showing the American people and the rest of the world what he considers to be a "priority".

Is it creating jobs?

Is it making sure that every American has health care coverage, and decent medical care?

Is it making sure that every American gets an affordable and decent education?

Is it trying to curb the violence in Chicago?

Is it trying to end the discrimination against gay people?

Is it trying to end our illegal and immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Is it helping the people in OUR U.S. Territory of American Samoa who just had a massive earthquake and tsunami?

It's none of the above!!

His priority is to hop a plane and plead for the 2016 Olympics to be awarded to Chicago.

Personally, I would like to see the Olympics be awarded to Rio. Give it to a country and a continent that has NEVER hosted an Olympics. The United States is NOT the center of the universe, contrary to what many Americans think!!

I had to laugh when I read a story on a UK site about the Olympics. Chicago and delightful were used in the same sentence. Yeah, tell that to the family of the latest teenager in Chicago who was beaten to death, and whose death was videotaped and aired for all the world to see. Tell that to the families of those who are murdered in Chicago on a daily basis. Tell that to the victims who are lucky enough to survive.

Last summer I had a discussion about Chicago. I said that Chicago was one of the most violent cities in this country. An ignorant person responded that "Chicago wasn't even in the top 10 list of most violent cities". While that may be true, one can only imagine where Chicago will rank this year. They're deserving of NUMBER ONE!! But I'll bet you ten bucks they aren't because GOD FORBID WE TELL IT LIKE IT IS IN THIS COUNTRY. GOD FORBID WE TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS "DELIGHTFUL" CITY.



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