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Friday, October 16, 2009


You've all heard the story by now. If you believe this family, you're as stupid as we all were when we fell for it yesterday.

The kid was on Larry King last night and when asked why he didn't come out when his family called him he said, "Because you guys said we were doing this for a show." The kid outed them on national television. The father says that he's appalled that anyone would question the validity of this story. I'm appalled that he thinks anyone is stupid enough to believe it.

He later "clarified" the kid's comment by saying, "He's six. I don't think he really understood the question." It's not a complicated question, even for a six year old DADDY. That kid knew exactly what the question was and he answered it.

The story has changed a million times. It was reported that the kid crawled into the balloon and released the ropes himself. That has since been proven FALSE by the family's own video footage. The family was in the backyard having a countdown, and the FATHER released the balloon. When he realized that it had floated higher than he thought he started getting pissed.

They did NOT look like people who were scared that their kid was inside the balloon that was flying away.

He reportedly told authorities that there was a box attached to the bottom of the balloon and that's what the kid crawled into. He said that the box fell off while it was flying around. Again, the family's own video footage debunks that story as well. In the video, you can clearly see that there was never anything attached to the bottom of the balloon.

He reportedly called the FAA first. Then he called a tv news station. Finally, he called 911. What rational person calls the FAA and then a tv station instead of calling 911 immediately? Nobody!!

I say that this is all one big fat HOAX.

These people are clearly not above exploiting themselves and their family for 15 minutes of fame. They've been on tv before, and there are reports floating around that they've tried to pitch ideas for their own tv show.

What better way to extend their 15 minutes and get a ton of deals!!

It's really rather pathetic if you think about. If this is a hoax, the parents need to be arrested for fraud. They also should be paying back every penny spent on this ridiculous bullshit.

Like someone asked last night, how many IMPORTANT stories went unreported because we were all too busy and too stupid to report on this batshit crazy family? How many kids really went MISSING yesterday while this bullshit was going on?


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