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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Foregone Conclusion

Only those who were fucking diluted actually believed that John McCain had a hope in hell.

Only those that were diluted actually believed that the Republicans were going to steal the "election".

I told you back in January that Barack Obama was a shoe-in and, Tuesday night, duh! happened.

For eleven months now, I've tried to get people to understand what Barack Obama is all about and I quoted a handful of others that were trying to get people to understand what he's about, too.

In the end, of course, it wasn't going to matter because Barack Obama was going to be the "president" regardless of whether or not 2 million or 2 people "voted".

And, in January, I told you why, as well, but it bears repeating now as it will again in January and probably at a monthly clip for the next four years:

It is easier to get your agenda across if the guy (or woman, but in this case, guy) is a soft-spoken, unassuming, so-called man of the people.

Which Obama is not, but I digress.

The "your" in this case are corporations.

And, of course, there's about a million of you out there that are going to bitch and moan that Obama is not a corporatist.

No, not much. He just took three quarters of a million bucks from Goldman Sachs (who want to privatize Social Security) over the course of the last five years. He took hundreds of thousands of dollars from Exelon Energy (a nuclear power corporation based in Illinois and a major polluter) over the course of the last five years. He took money from the former Lehman Brothers, in fact, so much so that Lehman Brothers was his second biggest contributor.

He doesn't owe any of these motherfuckers a dime or a favor, does he? Not much.

When someone is owned lock, stock and barrel by a corporation, like Barack Obama is owned (and I'm sorry to have to use these terms but if Barack Obama was Hillary Clinton, I'd still be using the same words, because, in fact, Hillary Clinton, too, is owned by the very same corporations that Obama is), you don't get to walk away and start doing things that you want to do.

It doesn't work that way. It never has and, as long as we have corporations, it will continue to be that way, regardless of the lofty rhetoric that someone such as "President" Obama uses, claiming to be above being a captive of corporations.

I tried to help inform people that Obama had a plan, if you can call it that, to compensate, if you can call it that, those who had their mortgages foreclosed on a whopping $500. As if someone can find somewhere to live for $500.

But what the fuck should Obama care for? And, apparently, what the fuck should the American sheep care? Plenty of cardboard to go around, right?

I tried to help people to understand that the man who would be "president" wasn't about universal health care and believes that single-payer health care is no good because, in his words, it would put people who work in insurance companies out of a job. Huh?

I tried to help people understand that Obama wasn't interested in peace but couldn't wait to go back to Afghanistan to murder and maim to his heart's content. And he couldn't wait to threaten Pakistan, a nuclear-armed country. He couldn't wait, thanks to his advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, to rattle the "cage" of Russia and he couldn't wait to turn the screws to Cuba and to Venezuela.

But with all of these realities, with all of these facts presented to a number of people, small or large, who's to say, everyone really thinks that there's something new coming, that there's going to be a change.

I'm tired of speaking the truth, after having screamed it for eleven months.

That doesn't mean I'm going to go away and hibernate for the next four years. Far from it. I'm just weary of having told the truth to a number of people that simply shrugged and told me to fuck myself.

Now the "fun" begins, ladies and gentlemen.

I just hope too many people don't bleed too badly.

But I'm not holding my breath.


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