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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Barack Obama Facts - Fact #5

Told you I'd be back.

So what do I have to pull out of my hat tonight?

Well, this is going to take a bit and probably will be two posts (one tonight and one tomorrow).

But it's as simple as this:

Barack Obama does not believe in universal health care or single-payer health care.

In fact, what does Barack Obama believe when it comes to single-payer health care?

According to Paul Street's excellent book "Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics"...

"Obama's reliance on corporate cash and power also likely influenced his opposition in a 2006 interview to the introduction of single-payer national health-insurance. He stated that he opposed the idea on the grounds that such a change would lead to employment difficulties for workers in the private insurance industry and that 'voluntary' solutions were 'more consonant' with 'the American character' than 'government mandates.'

"It is not likely that Obama would have claimed to support the American scourge of racially disparate mass incarceration on the grounds that it provided work for tens of thousands of prison guards, or that the United States should pour nearly half of its federal budget into the Pentagon system because of all the people who find employment in the military-industrial complex. Surely the senator knew of the large number of socially useful and healthy alternatives that exist for thr investment of human labor power formerly employed in insurance companies."

You know what's really a lot of fun? Knowing the truth about people.

It is likely, had I never come across any information about Barack Obama back in January of this year, that I would have gone out and "voted" for him two weeks ago.

Once I started to learn a little bit about him, I couldn't help but want to learn a whole lot about him and, within weeks, I was a completely changed person. In that regard, I guess Obama did bring about change.

My challenge to everyone that will read these words is this: don't believe everything you hear or read or see. Use your own brain. Look into people, find out the truth about them.

This is why I'm even bothering to write these facts; to get people to think maybe I'm fucking insane and to have them try to prove me wrong. Which, by the way, hasn't happened to my satisfaction yet.

If someone can prove me wrong about anything that I've said thus far, please do so. I will be very willing to admit I got it wrong.

But, before you start shooting off comments that read, "You're just an Obama hater," check into your guy.

And go read this:

John Pilger - Beware of the Obama hype

See you tomorrow with part two of this fact.


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